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Owning The Future: Jabari Parker For The NBA All-Star Vote

Sports 08 Jan 2017   »   by TWID


The NBA All-Star countdown continues as national polls garner votes on who will be playing in New Orleans during the all too famous 2017 All-Star weekend! The legendary three day basketball holiday will be celebrated in tandem with Mardi Gras, making it a special time of the year for the top NBA players to inherit their rightful titles as NBA All-Stars, an inheritance that is given out to the selected few each year.

We can assume that James, Harden, Curry, Durant and Wade will be making yet another appearance this year, leaving a few open spots for the new class of ballers to claim. A top contender on theWhatitDo radar is Chicago native Jabari Parker, Power Forward for the Milwaukee Bucks who has been titled one of the leagues best Power Forwards for the 2016 – 2017 season by Parker has an exceptional mid-range shot and superb ability to cut to the basket and draw the foul or finish the play. As the second overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, Parker has consistently made a name for himself as an offensive threat. At the tender age of 20, Parker was invited to participate in last year’s All-Star weekend in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, where the best NBA rookies from the United States faced off against the best NBA rookie players from around the world.

Parker’s invitation as a player on the 2017 All-Star roster will be a historic mark as the first Polynesian NBA Player to make the team. Parker’s mother carries the Finau bloodline in her maiden name, making Parker and Tony Finau, the famous PGA golfer, cousins. Along with his maternal Tongan bloodline, Jabari Parker grew up in the small yet close knit enclave of Tongan families within the Chicago area.

Parker has a standout presence for the Bucks and holds impressive stats that are deserving of a seat at the All-Star table. With the Polynesian community rallying behind him in votes and support, the first Polynesian NBA Player will be inducted into the 2017 All-Star class. Click on the link below to vote for Jabari Parker!

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