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Community, Culture, Education, Uncategorized 28 Apr 2016   »   by TheWhatItDo


If you have listened to the newest collaborative music project by Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, titled TWENTY88, you too would agree why their dark twisted storytale about love, infidelity and resentment is a unique anecdote to this millennial type of love that many of us go through. From the album visualography to the truth in their lyrics this album is a testament to those of us who attempt to move on with our lives after experiencing an emotional heartbreak.

How do we focus on the moment when ghosts of our past continue to haunt our memories and fill our broken world with empty promises. Soulsinger Jhene Aiko pulls this emotion out of us without any taunting. The ‘Lying King’ songstress knows a thing or two about unsustainable relationships, in which she brings into the Twenty88 theme. Paired with Big Sean’s poke at real everyday occurrences (listen to Deja Vu’ and ‘Memories Faded’ for a better understanding), the duo bring out a masterpiece of indecisive love.

The eight song soundtrack comes with creative bass to accompany the visual filmography. It seems as if musicians are now sampling their music to the world with short films that cater to the visual learners (something we are not opposed to whatsoever).

Listen to TWENTY88 on Spotify, iTunes or Tidal now.

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