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Lemonade As New Feminist Anthem? Queen Bey Slays Again

Music 25 Apr 2016   »   by TheWhatItDo


Beyonce played us all.

Since her controversial halftime performance during Super Bowl 50, the world anticipated a new project that would be highly political, drawing attention to the racial disparities amongst Black America. Millions of fans, aka the Beyhive, awaited the Queen’s debut return unto her musical throne with the provocative sounds and sexual choreography that we all love Bey for. Her latest self-titled album procured a global audience that ended with a sold-out OTR Tour. So, one can imagine the surprise when Queen Bey’s newest project, #Lemonade, hit the internet waves and lacked the political protest and the sexual provocativeness we all expected.

Lemonade came out of nowhere; no ads, no marketing technique and only a subtle Instagram picture that was posted 73 weeks ago.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.12.26 PM

Nonetheless, the Queen further steps into her role as an iconic artist with a variety of highly descriptive visuals that explain a story too often told – infidelity. Regardless of what the internet trolls are saying, Bey’s new album stands strongly on its own without reference to her prior projects that were more mainstream and easily accepted by us, society. For the first time (in a long time), Beyonce strips her guard off and exposes her full humanness in the lyrics and dramatic sounds of a broken hearted woman.

It was difficult to identify if the voiceover was Beyonce as a wife and mother, or if it was another character that, for the first time, she had given voice to. The short film serves truth to many women who have dealt with (or dealing with) the sores of a re-opened wound, ripped open by the love of their life. Her vulnerability is melodically beautiful. Her emotions leave many of us stranded to evaluate our worth and whether or not the relationships we are apart of are reflective of that. In and throughout this album, Beyonce tells us – the listener – that it is okay to be broken but it is not okay to stay broken.

And to prove that Beyonce is with the #BlackGirlMagic movement she even invited some fresh faces onto her platform. Can you guess who?

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.17.22 PM

All in all, this album is worth the watch. It is quite clear that Beyonce continues to raise the bar for true artistry to reveal itself. Tickets for her Formation World Tour is on sale now! Buy your tickets here.

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