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Entertainment 17 Apr 2016   »   by TheWhatItDo


This year RedBull’s Can You Make It Challenge has every college campus in the world buzz-in’. 126 university teams from across the world have been selected to take on this challenge. This contest is a mini version of the Amazing Race where student teams travel across Europe using Red Bull cans as currency in 7 days. In this challenge is Utah State’s triple threat team called Team USU.

Team USU consists of CJ O’Neal, Dane Cooper, and Veeko Nomaaea who is of Samoan Descent. This challenge is important to the TWID Community because we always rally behind our Polynesian people who are anxiously engaged in positive challenges. Veeko Nomaaea leads his team and they have gain the community support through out all Social Media platforms. They need your support by liking, sharing, and showing love to their journey. If they win the Grand Prize, they will become Contiki Ambassadors for travel and adventure throughout Europe for this summer.

The confidence and excitement is high and we at are cheering Team USU as they continue to make their challenge happen!

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