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Samoan Actor to Lead in Award-Winning Broadway Musical

Entertainment 23 Feb 2016   »   by TheWhatItDo


Disney’s global blockbuster, The Lion King, has tallied an impressive 6.2 billions dollars in gross net worth since its historical 1997 premiere. For any child, watching the Lion King for the first time is easily comparable to learning how to walk or enjoying their first McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Singing along to the Grammy-award winning soundtrack and adopting ‘hakuna matata’ as life’s mantra are the few great gifts given to this world by Simba, Timon, Pumba and the rest of the animal kingdom. The Lion King remains one of Disney’s greatest stories of love, family and friendship told to a wide audience across the globe.

Luckily for us, The Lion King has transitioned into the industry of live musical theater for families to experience together! Disney’s The Lion King Musical brings together an ensemble of personalities to portray the life and passion of some of our favorite characters in eccentric costumes and beautiful choreography!

To play Simba, the light-hearted young cub who seeks redemption after the death of his father, is Auckland born Samoan, Nick Afoa! Afoa is a former rugby player who grew up in New Zealand before moving to Australia for the musical production! Afoa and the rest of his acting cohort have been putting on the Broadway production for crowds all across Australia, sharing the story that we all have come to love and admire. You may remember a video of the theater bunch, singing ‘The Circle of Life’ on a plane that went viral a couple years ago (Afoa sits front row in the gray hat, singing in perfect harmony).

The Lion King has brought so much happiness into the world, and we are ecstatic to have one of our own spreading the hakuna matata spirit! For tickets and production dates, please visit for more info!

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