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Teisa Sekona to Join Criminal Minds TV Cast

Entertainment 04 Jan 2016   »   by TheWhatItDo


Hotch. Morgan. Reid. Penelope. JJ.

For any Criminal Minds fanatic, these names are easily recognized as the heroic team of crime fighters that which you’ve binged the first nine seasons of on Netflix. Since the pilot episode, Criminal Minds has given America an inside look at the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) and how a criminal thinks before they act on their crime(s) of passion. The cast and production crew behind the award-winning show practically have granted us authoritative right to assess and profile everyday criminals in real time.

From the main #squad to the special guest features that have graced each 60 minute slot episode, we’ve seen each character grow into their strengths and sometimes fall into the depths of their flawed qualities. Aside from the regular cast, celebrity names like James Van Der Beek [Dawson’s Creek], Frankie Muniz [Malcolm in the Middle], Jennifer Love Hewitt [Ghost Whisperer], Forest Whitaker [The Butler], have all made it onto the CM set once or twice, adding more flavor to the twisted, dark fun.

In addition to the eleventh season of Criminal Minds is yet another cast of wondrous talented actors who, for some, will be their debut onto the big screen. Miss Teisa Sekona is among the roster of new talent, an upcoming actress with an already solid resume of acting experience (Shel, The Dangle, The Elitist). The young Tongan starlet will be working beside some of the most recognizable names in television. Will she be the breakout star of 2016? And will she be a romantic interest of the luscious Derek Morgan? We are excited to see Miss Sekona’s breakthrough performance and the opportunities ahead for the bright star!

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