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Lights, Camera, Aussie: 2015 Pasifika Film Festival

Entertainment 09 Nov 2015   »   by TheWhatItDo


The Pasifika Film Fest took place over the weekend at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia.  This year’s theme “Make Your Own History” seemed fitting for the showcase of short films and documentaries that uncovered stories of which much of the Pasifika community can adhere to. Unlike other festivals, the Pasifika Film Fest approaches Pasifika storytelling on a platform of great visibility and a wide reach into the depths of Hollywood and mainstream cinema.

The award-winning film studio, where much of our movie favorites such as Avatar, Die Hard, Taken and Home Alone birthed from, hosted the 2015 Film Festival. One can assume that in the interest of hosting this year’s fest, Fox Studios may be in the process of collaborating with any one of the multi-talented Pacific Islander filmographers whose work was displayed during the course of the three day exhibition.  Coupled with the theme of marking our history and preserving oral tradition of storytelling, there is a temptation to connect the dots of opportunity for cinema garnered for the Pacific Islander audience. Could this be the open door many Pacific Islander artists have been awaiting?

The Pasifika Film Festival entertained a diverse crowd of film critics, families, couples and moviegoers with a wide selection of independent films. The Festival invited filmographers from around the world to highlight their work. From the variety, Tony Vainuku’s “In Football We Trust” hit home to many viewers who could relate to the commonly told storyline of Pacific Islander families equating American football to success. Such like Vainuku’s documentary, many other films centered around a common issue or theme that remains strongly prevalent in our community. As such, each film held its own cultural sentiment that intuitively grabbed the attention of those at the Festival and those around the world.

The success of this years Film Festival places a long-stretched anticipation for next year’s round of exciting film and groundbreaking cinema. For information on the Pasifika Film Festival or how to submit your work, visit for more details!

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