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The Island Queen has owned the Billboard Charts, music countdowns and even the heart of Chris Brown (too soon?). Her hard work as a top music artist has granted her access to the top shows and galas that Hollywood has to offer and from what she can’t express in her music, she expresses in her style. The Barbados fashion bandit pokes fun and charm in the fashion industry. Said so herself, after winning multiple fashion awards for her creativity and stunning presence, she said that ‘she does this for fun’ .. for fun! It is why we needed to take a look at her most unforgettable moments as a fashion icon.


Rih-Rih RED! From the red hair to the red gowns, Rihanna is truly the Devil in Prada. Rihanna’s Grammy attire embodied the preeminence and elite couture of the red carpet, from the curvaceous bodice to the dramatic train. Rihanna is famous for the over-the-top look while still able to own the simple girl-next-door image.


It seems as if Rih-Rih’s stylists have a certain shade of color that works on Rihanna’s caramel skin tone (and boy does it work well!). To continue on this fifty shades of red saga, Rihanna flaunted a fun yet bold carnation cupcake pink gown at this years Grammy awards.

First off, erhhmagawddd Rih-Rih ..

Secondly, yes .. yes .. yesssss. Not only did the R&B Princess show up fashionably late to the Grammy’s red carpet event, she brought the spotlight with her (it’s kinda what she does if you haven’t noticed already)


The Barbados queen takes the white off the White House and flaunts the prestige and aristocracy with fashionable charm and class. Her appearance at the 2014 Met Gala, again, forced celebrity stylists to return back to their drawing boards and come up with new fashion concoctions to reckon with this island queen!


We love her so much that we tend to hate her sometimes. I mean, who else can pull off designer wear at the top shows in the world and then walk around in public .. looking like that!! The notorious Aaliyah-inspired two piece outfit is owned and rebranded as the Rih-look in a tighter body suit (with of course, the satchel).


Sheer seems to be a Rih-Rih pattern, which goes to show the bold confidence that’s been bred in this multi-platinum artist. From her shoes to her famous sheer satin gown she wore at the 2014 CFDA Awards, Rihanna knows no limits in fashion. Her fashion forward genuinity is why we love her!


Leave it to Rihanna to take something as simple as a men’s tuxedo jacket and sexify it. The 26 year old songstress stunned the paparazzi at the 2014 British Fashion Awards. Yet this little lady needs no catwalk to kill!


We all know that Rih-Rih can pull off the sheer dresses that expose full frontal and derriere as well as the cleavage crop tops, but she’s proven herself to be a lover of all sizes and genders when it comes to clothing preferences! Here she is, nonchalantly rocking mens wear with high taste (and quite frankly, better than most men)


Her courtside presence is so strong .. someone give her a jersey! As if her fashion duties stop just on the red carpet, Rihanna brings fierceness on the court! Every.Single.Time I honestly don’t know how these NBA basketball players can even focus on the game when Rihanna is there.

Rihanna makes ballers question whether ball is life or nahhht ..

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