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Top 10 News: The Undenied Vocal Presence of Luisa Lavulo

Community, Culture, Education, Uncategorized, Music 28 Mar 2015   »   by TheWhatItDo


Luisa wastes no time in the beginning stretch of each of her songs. She can blow notes out of the water, and she wants everyone to know that. Which is why the Sacramento Queen easily claims the No. 4 spot on the official TWID poll of hottest female sounds of 2015.

You can hear a broken heart that dwells in the grey area of wanting to leave the one who’s hurt you but knowing you’re not able to yet. The pain that envelops after giving your heart to someone, the shame felt after being mistreated- these emotions become the elements of her lyrics. Luisa’s music soothes the heart and empowers the emotionally distraught. Her hit track ‘Can’t Stop’ became an instant bedroom beat for the couples and to compliment that melodramatic sound is ‘Stand Up’, an empowering song for the ambitious woman who will stand up and fight for her man, at all costs. Now, how many women do we have that will do that?

A round of applause for Miss Lavulo, who has also acquired a spot in this years Island Reggae Festival in Santa Clara, Ca. We can only expect a fabulous show from the talented young artist!

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