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The Top 10 Countdown Continues- How Molia Easily Snagged A Top Spot on TWID Poll

Music 13 Mar 2015   »   by TheWhatItDo
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The San Jose native occupies the No. 5 seed of our list of hot female artists on the rise. Hard work truly pays off, and in this case the tracks off her last album still resonate so much with the musically inclined, keeping the sultry artist on top. Original tracks like ‘Ride or Die’ and ‘You Aint Shit’ are anthems to the grown women fed up with the games played by our male counterpart. Molia- she gets it. She has the sexy tones of an R&B soloist but its her skill in rapping that places her in the same lane as Jhene Aiko. She is the new school classic of R&B.


Like, she is good, really good, and she only is getting better. Still reliving the success and glory of her debut album Ride or Die, the singer-songwriter has developed beautifully into a more wholesome sound that is able to expand across different ages and audiences. Her sound reminds us of a young JLo in her prime, but the external beauty she carries comes straight from her Samoan roots. The #MoliaNation icon is set to release her self-titled EP later this month and for her eager fans, she’s added a bonus track that you can listen to prior to your purchase on iTunes.

Molia’s hit single ‘Does It Matter’ has won over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, setting the bar for this highly anticipated album. Leave it to Molia to blow your mind away with her unique style complemented with strong bass lines and creative beats. She’s disappeared off the social radar but with good intention – to sharpen her work and give the rest of us music heads new bangers to slap!

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