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The Official TWID Poll of Top 10 Female Sounds of 2015!

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In this day in age, becoming famous is as easy as one, two, three. Social media blocks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook make it easy for the young and the reckless to gain recognition for a number of things – the good, the bad and the ‘please delete immediately’ (we’ve all been there). But for those who’ve taken these apps and used it to explode onto the music scene … well, we’ve found ya’ll.

TheWhatItDo brings the most lethal combination of singing divas in our inaugural hot list of Top 10 Female Solo Sounds of 2015. Who to watch for and what tracks to sync onto every playlist of yours, is in this inventory of major talent and natural Urban Island beauty.

What can we say, we take care of our readers.

No. 10 Irie Love

To kick off this list is none other than Irie Love. With her single ‘Good Love’ still buzzing in the air, Irie Love is the soft spoken songstress who has exceptional potential to grow even more in the music game. The Hawaiian-born singer and song-writer has featured on several songs with other amazing artists including reggae prince Fiji, on the enthralling single ‘It Iz Wut It Is’

… in which I play religiously.

No. 9  Kimie Miner

Kim Possible is a more appropriate name for the singer out of Hawai’i. Kimie Miner has a playful taste of sound and seems to still be finding her niche in the music scene. However, how far she has evolved since her release of To The Sea in late 2012 is heard through her current projects with other music talents both on and off the island reggae scale.

No. 8 Anuhea

Hawaiian queen, Anuhea, fills the empty nostalgia that we all have if you grew up listening to island reggae. The soft touch of the cymbal along with the strums of her guitar, Anuhea plays eagerly into the flirty, I’m-not-into -you-but-maybe-I-am type of chick while also teaching her young rosebuds the value of being a strong woman. The island reggae sensation balances stardom with the joys of motherhood with her adorable son, Ikena. Anuhea holds the No. 8 spot on our list of artists to watch, which you can this Friday if you’re in the LA area! Anuhea teams up with Trey Smoov and Kimie at the Alpine Village in Torrance, Ca March 13, 2015, for a memorable night of good music!

No. 7 Olivia Chisholm

It’s clear that the North Carolina native can create mesmerizing hits for the bedroom as well as the nightclub. Olivia Chisholm taps into the comfort of heavy bass R&B and if you listen carefully, you can hear the strength of her Tongan-inherited vocals in her tone when she dips low and arches high on the incredibly difficult notes that she hits perfectly. So, why does this beautiful hafekasi diva win the No. 7 spot on our list? Vocal power, vibrant Urban Island beauty, and Robin Thicke! Multi-platinum artist Robin Thicke has invested his time and impeccable musical knowledge in Miss Olivia, and it’s common knowledge that Robin Thicke is good for one thing only – Paula Patton.

No. 6 Tenelle

Let’s just call it what it is- Tenelle can ssaaaaaanggg. She also has the coolest friends (Common Kings, Fiji, 454 Crew to name a few). Aside from her personal relations to the hottest sounds dominating the Urban island reggae scene right now, Tenelle not only has impressive depth in vocal range, but she can sing on a variety of song themes. From her soul-food anthem ‘Bulletproof’ to her  soothing caress in the fire single ‘My Lady’, Tenelle’s versatility places her at No. 6 of our list!

Stay tuned for which of today’s hottest Urban Island female artists make the Top Five and who reigns the No. 1 spot!


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