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The Size of a Mustard Seed: Little Boy Movie 2015



As I roamed the city streets of LA metropolis, on an unguided pursuit towards happiness, I encountered the story of Little Boy. I sat in the comfort of Century City AMC theater seats as I watched Little Boy’s story unravel on the big screen. This tale is told from the eyes of World War II (1939-1945) and the impact of loss and tragedy it placed on many American families, including the little town of O’Hare. Little Boy, played by 8 year old Jack Salvati, is an emotional thriller about a young boy’s relentless faith to bring his father back home from the military grounds of the Philippines.

Little Boy will leave you in an admirable state of consciousness, celebrating the magic of faith and the power manifested in the heart of a child. It also will make you cry, and begin to question life from a more meaningful perspective. Written by Pepe Portillo and Directed by Alejandro Monteverde, best known for Bella (2006) and Crescendo I (2011), Little Boy offers a take-away of knowledge to those with a dream in mind. This universal message will hopefully encourage us to believe that we too can achieve  the impossible. From the 8 year old little boys to the young college students, Little Boy will leave you in tears and with a newfound sense of purpose.

Little Boy hits public theaters on April 24th! Watch the trailer below for a first look!


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