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Exclusive, Music 08 Jan 2015   »   by TheWhatItDo


As many of us ring in the New Year with miracle weight loss ambitions and #relationshipgoals, there are the silent few whose plans to take over the music game began years ago; twenty one to be exact. Twenty one year old Cadence is the paragon of Samoan beauty and adds refreshing sound and decadence to the Young California glam squad. Her expressive style in fashion balanced by her eclectic taste in beats and rhythm places her at the top spot of who to watch out for this year! We sat down with the songstress to get an exclusive look on what to expect and the Cadence  journey thus far.

TWID: How did you choose the name Cadence and what does it mean?

Cadence: I was named after my Mother’s favorite singer, Whitney Houston, and when I decided that I wanted to pursue my music career, I was 20 years old. Coming up with a new name a bit weird, I mean, going from Whitney to Natalie or something is just really awkward for me so I came up with a name that sounded more like a title and appealed to a wide audience versus something that could marginalize me. The name Cadence is a musical term that refers to rhythm. I loved the way it felt and went with it.

TWID: How would you describe your style of music? How does your style differ from other artists?

Cadence: My current sound could be described as R-N-Bass, a mix of R&B music with a heavy bass line. Growing up singing gospel music, I was musically raised by the sensations of my parents ‘baby making’ music, which indirectly influenced me. Little did they know how influential it [smooth R&B and sexy 90’s music) would be in my artistry right now. As a child, my parents introduced my siblings and I to a diverse range of music, so I have very eclectic background. We would go on long road trips where my dad would literally only play the Spanish stations especially because he didn’t like the musical content on the radio. My parents also held music appreciation night once a week, which we dreaded, and he would make us listen to blues and jazz and zydeco and all sorts of music. I am now very grateful for my parents giving me a broad spectrum of music because it gives me that extra influence in my music that makes it unique.

TWID: Aside from your unique sound, your fashion ensembles are always refreshing. What inspires Cadence the fashionista?

Cadence: Cadence the fashionista is inspired by anything and everything. I have always loved fashion from taking my Grandmother’s clothes and cutting and sewing pieces together, tearing apart jeans, store hopping, to thrifting. I have always had an eclectic taste in clothes that I can go from classy ball gown too baggy jeans and sneakers real quick. At this point in my career, I am really going through another transition with my fashion, still looking for the signature Cadence look, and when it comes to, you will definitely know.

TWID: Being a young Urban Islander women in the music industry, your vision seems to stray far from the typical Pacific Islander genre. Tell us a little bit about your journey and your intended destination.

Cadence: Although many Urban Islanders take the island reggae route, I have chosen to take another. To me, my voice and passion feels more organic doing R&B music. As a Polynesian, I find it a lonely road here in the music industry. You don’t find too many people who look like me and have the same cultural upbringing as me. On one side, it gives me the “exotic” card and on the other hand it gives me the “unfamiliar territory” card. It is very easy for me to pigeonhole myself if I market myself in the wrong way. What I mean by this, the industry sees black and white, and then there are a few wildcards like J-Lo and Bruno Mars and Jhene Aiko, along with a few others. I would be considered among the “other”. Notice there are not too many “others”. This is why it is important for me to be able to compete with the creme of the crop in order for me to represent my Polynesian Roots and I am more than willing to take on that challenge to go up against the best of the best to be able to open doors and break barriers for my people.

TWID: What are we to expect from Cadence in 2015? I hear a new EP is soon to be released! Can you tell your fans a little bit about what’s to hit the music platform in the upcoming year?

Cadence: 2014 was my year of preparation and 2015 is my breakout year! All of the work that went into preparing myself for 2015 is now coming into reality. I am shooting my very first video with Dj Carisma in January and that will be the start. Expect new music that will lead into my first project titled “Loverdose” with an undetermined release date. I am very excited for the unknown that is also awaiting me in 2015.

TWID: You hold familial relations to other Pacific Islander artists such as Molia and Drew Deezy. Are there any plans of collaborating music with them in the future? What is it like integrating family into your career?

Cadence: Having relatives in the music industry is very encouraging in the sense that I am not alone in this. I eventually plan on collaborating but as expected, we all are on our own grind and pushing ourselves to the max.

TWID: Many don’t know that prior to your musical path, you were once a NCAA Division 1 rower for Sacramento State. What helped you make the transition from full time athlete to full time singer/songwriter?

Cadence: Leaving my life as a college athlete was such a relief for me. I enjoyed being a student athlete for many reasons but I realized that i was just going with the motions. I found myself at the end of my freshman year in college, sitting down with my father and discussing what i really wanted to do and it came down to exactly what I am doing now. I originally wanted to go to a school of the arts but that was out of the question, there was no way I could afford it so I used social media effectively and I made my way into the industry and I couldn’t be more happy.

TWID: Being a Urban Islander woman in an era of feminism, what are some values that you hold as Cadence? As Whitney?

Cadence: The values that I carry in my entire brand, whether it be music or fashion, I stay true to what feels right. I believe in every woman feeling and looking sexy. Looking and feeling sexy does not mean showing more skin, its showing more personality. That’s what it means to me. I hold myself to a high standard, I know that there are people watching especially little people, you know, like my nieces and nephews lol. I always keep in mind that people are so easily influenced and that I am an influencer.

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