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They’re Baaack! Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer Has Been Released

Entertainment 25 Nov 2014   »   by Honestine Pa'ala-Fraser


Alright my fellow aca-people, we have some aca-awesome news! As you may already know, our favorite Barden Bella’s will be returning to the big screen in Pitch Perfect 2 in May 2015. While you patiently wait with the Cups song still stuck in your head, the official trailer for highly anticipated movie has FINALLY been released!

From what we can see, the entire cast is back, including everyone’s favorite Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Becca (Anna Kendrick), Chloe (Brittany Snow), and heartthrob Jesse (Skylar Astin). What is even more exciting is that actress Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) who also made a cameo in the first film (and will be in the second one as well) will be directing! We also see tons of fresh new faces that will be joining the Bella’s including Hailee Steinfield, whom you might have seen as Juliet in the remake of Romeo and Juliet. Katey Sagal (Married with Children, Sons of Anarchy) will also be joining the cast in an unknown role.

What we know so far is that the Barden Bella’s along with the Treblemakers will be joining in an acapella world competition against the best teams across the globe. They have their work cut out for them, as an American team has never won. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in May.

Check out the aca-amazing trailer below:

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