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Jason Momoa Has Been Casted As Aquaman

Entertainment 20 Nov 2014   »   by Honestine Pa'ala-Fraser


Jason Momoa will be representing Polynesians as superhero Aquaman, officially confirmed by Warner Bros. In a recent interview, Momoa talked openly at The Walker Stalker Con last month in Atlanta and was quoted saying, “My family are some of the greatest water men on earth. I’m not, but I’m going to go train with them. But it’s really an honor just being a Polynesian. And water is the most important thing in this world and we all know it. It’s cool be a part of DC’s universe. I’m really excited to be with Warner Bros., and hopefully everyone likes it. And Zack Snyder’s a genius, so I’m really excited to be hanging out with him.” Momoa added, “Yeah, I did go to school for Marine Biology, but the cool thing is…the greatest thing for me is that Polynesians, our gods, Kahului, Maui, all these water gods, so it’s really cool and a honor to be playing a [water] character. And there’s not too many brown superheroes, so I’m really looking forward to representing the Polynesians, the natives.”

Film production hasn’t begun yet, but according to DC entertainment and WB, they are happy to bring Aquaman to theaters as a solo film, after they reintroduce his character to audiences in the upcoming film ‘Batman vs Superman, Justice League’ scheduled for release sometime in 2016. You’ve probably seen Momoa as Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones” or as Conan in “Conan the Barbarian”, but this role as Aquaman will be his most highly anticipated one to date. With the success of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as “HERCULES” and now Momoa confirmed as “AQUAMAN”, Hollywood seems to finally get what the rest of the world has known now for quite some time, that Polynesians are a force to be reckoned with! And that’s WHAT.IT.DO.

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