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Grow Up, Stay Young – Jetta Hybrid 2014 Is Your Next Car Purchase and Here’s Why

Cars 18 Oct 2014   »   by TheWhatItDo


The all new Jetta 2014 is going to be all the rage this season, and it doesn’t get any better than this. Whether you’re going to cruise through the inner city streets of Los Angeles or arriving to an important interview in style, Jetta will compliment your current mind set. They prove to be stylish, affordable, and definitely technology-advanced. Don’t believe us? Well put on your visual caps, because your Jetta experience is about to begin.

Jetta is designed for the fashion-forward, ahead of the curve human being. Her sporty power structure paired with a robust rear-section, built on an aerodynamic silhouette makes Jetta the flirty accessory for all ages. Stride in elegance while seated comfortably in state of the art navigation systems. Wanna jam to music? No worries, Jetta’s Bluetooth interface offers you and your party a chance to slap the hottest joints from anywhere in the car (bye-bye cassette player).

Jetta’s wide space offers seating for people of all shapes and sizes. No longer will the middle seat be designated for the smallest person, but will instead be for everyone. If I’ve sold you on the interior features, you’re going to love what I have to say next. Because of your independent nature, you’d probably want a Jetta that is unique to your style. That we can do for you, too. Choose from colors like ‘Moon Rock Metallic’ to ‘Blue Silk’ as an exterior coating, while designing your interior with custom precision. And the best part is you won’t have to spend your life savings on your next car purchase, or on gas.

The Jetta 2014 hybrid capability, saving you gas while remaining eco-friendly. Volkswagen proves they can also be apart of the hybrid phenomenon, but better. Combined with their pristine attention to detail on their engines, the Jetta 2014 is the most reliable car out with hybrid capability. Both durable and advanced, you’ll want a Jetta to call your own. Affordable, stylish, and environment friendly? You can’t go wrong. Do it right, make it your own and let the Jetta showcase what you do.

Review By: Tonga Fakalata


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