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MENA Mixes Contemporary Style with Samoan Fashion

Fashion 14 Oct 2014   »   by Honestine Pa'ala-Fraser


When you think of Samoan fashion, I’m sure only one thing comes to mind:  a Puletasi. However, the designers over at MENA have changed the game in Polynesian fashion.  MENA is a brand that mixes bright and vibrant colors with traditional prints. They create clothes fit to your body type while remaining sleek and stylish.

Based out of Samoa, MENA started with the four Loheni sisters who created their small business ran from home. In just a few short years, MENA was able to expand all over Samoa, becoming a household name. Since then, they have opened a base in New Zealand, and have sold their clothes all over the South Pacific, as well as Japan. Their collections have also been featured several times during Fiji’s Fashion Week.

The four sisters remain true to their Samoan roots, as you can see how it has inspired their clothes. Their collections feature maxi dresses, maxi skirts, and a variety of tops. The majority of their clothes are designed with traditional Samoan prints, vibrant colors, and stylish tropical floral designs. MENA also designs dress shirts for men, with a variety of different patterns as well. Never forgetting Samoan culture, the brand also features Puletasis that are simple in design, yet very stylish.

Their take on contemporary clothes with a twist of Samoan culture is wonderful. These are fashions designed by Polynesians who do not want to just limit their designs for the Polynesian demographic, but for everyone else in the world as well. As of right now, there are only two MENA shops open: one is located in Auckland, New Zealand and the other in Apia, Samoa. However, you can still check out their online store below:

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