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Hawaii Shows Off Their Style With Hawaii Fashion Month This November

Fashion 03 Oct 2014   »   by Honestine Pa'ala-Fraser



Step aside New York and Los Angeles, Hawaii is taking fashion by storm this Fall! Coming this November, the beautiful state of Hawaii will be hosting ‘Hawaii Fashion Month’. Similar to New York Fashion Week, Hawaii Fashion Month will be a long celebration of fashion that includes many runway shows and photography exhibitions.

 Hawaii Fashion Month would not be possible without the partnership of Hawaii Fashion Incubator (HiFi). HiFi is giving support to the creators and designers of Hawaii’s fashion industry as well as the state of Hawaii to help put this together. The state’s goal is to showcase the strong potential of Hawaii’s fashion industry to the rest of the world. A place that gets branded by tourism and exotic people, Hawaii has the chance to show off it’s many other talents to the rest of the world, including fashion.

The event will take place on the island of Oahu, with various events going on including the HFX photography exhibition, and Honolulu fashion week. This is an exciting time for Hawaii to show off what they got!

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