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50 Shades of Grey, the fine line between pleasure and pain.

Entertainment 30 Sep 2014   »   by TheWhatItDo


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“‘Why don’t you like to be touched?’ I whisper, staring up into soft gray eyes. ‘Because I’m fifty shades of f!#ked up, Anastasia.’ ” (p369) Intense visions of Christian Grey submerged my imagination as I turned the page. I was transported into another realm of hardcore eroticism with light tones of young restless love and companionship. 50 shades of passionate seduction, 50 shades of hopeless pursuit of love. Uncensored words and unfiltered scenes of Christian Grey’s dominating character and elusive past encaptured not only myself, but the rest of the women in America.

Author E.L James is a creative genius who writes from a twisted angle of complexity and beauty. Her way with words triggers a variety of emotions ranging from pain, excitement, arousal to deep disappointment in the reader. Even after finishing the first volume of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, I couldn’t resist the fictitious role of Mr. Grey. So of course when I was informed of the 50 Shades film that is in the works, this temptatious desire returned. Seeing the beloved Christian Grey as well as the rest of these characters come to life on screen is highly anticipated.

50 Shades of Grey hits theaters on Valentines Day of 2015. Mr. Grey will see you now.




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