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Cars 25 Jul 2014   »   by Admin


In this day and age, simplicity is key. It’s clear that Volkswagen, meaning “The People’s Car”, has revolutionized the era of vehicle engineering. Pioneers of the sports model car and real innovators in the industry, VW has rebranded itself as das auto – ‘the car’. Pretty cutthroat to claim such a prestigious title, don’t ‘cha think? No such thing. We let the credentials speak for itself.

4. ‘A literal oasis of space’

If you’re tall like me, you know how essential legroom is. Whether you’re heading towards the McDonald’s drive-thru or eleven hours east to Salt Lake City, your legs need room to breathe. The 8-way power-adjustable front seats can be found in all versions of the 2014 Passat, including the high-intensity, heavy horsepower Passat V6. With 280 horsepower and 28 mpg on the highway, your ETA to Utah plays favorably into your weekend plans with the family!

3. Halogen Hollaback!

For my night riders, you are in for a real treat. The Passat TDI Clean Diesel comes equipped with halogen reflector fog lights, making it easier (and safer) to drive in the PM. The Halogen headlamps has a longer lifespan compared to Xenon headlamps, brighter illumination, and A1 efficiency. With 48 mpg on the highway, you are ready to cruise into the night sky with ease and security.

2. Hands-free Everything

As important as the headlamps are, we all know the real dealmaker is found at the centerpiece; music functionality. One word – Bluetooth. Wireless technology is the new thing, and the Passat is all about novelty. Included in the Passat Sports Edition 1.8T is a touchscreen sound system. Yes, touchscreen. Drive hands-free while catching up with your relatives back in the islands, or jam to Yung LB’s latest EP Cups and Good Budds.

1. Das Auto, Das Bae

Volkswagen does not stray from it’s mission statement – the people’s car. The Passat services to families of different sizes and different tastes. Enjoy the luxury of A/C and seat warmers while nestled in the company of your loved ones. Plan your next road trip without the stress of indecisiveness. The 2014 Passat intends to answer all your transportation needs – it’s WHAT.THEY.DO!

Review By: Tonga Victoria

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