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The Installation Of Lord Fusitu’a In The Kingdom Of Tonga

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The Installation of Lord Fusitu’a in The Kingdom of Tonga occurred this past week when His Majesty King Tupou VI appointed the new Lord (born Matai’ulua-‘I-Fonuamotu Fusitu’a) to his title. Under the direction of the Lord Chamberlain, and accompanied by the Master of the Royal Household, which in this case were in attendance in the form of, Their Royal Highnesses, Princess Mata’aho and Prince Ata along with their niece, and the newly appointed Lord Fusitu’a’s daughter, Hon. ‘Anaseini Tupouveihola Fusitu’a, the ceremony was conducted at Lord Fusitu’a’s residence at Sia-Ko-Veiongo. His estates are situated in the northern most group of islands in Tonga called Niua Fo’ou. The ceremony began with a word of prayer as Tongans are a very religious people. The Lord Chamberlain then conducted the ceremony and read the letter from His Majesty The King appointing the new Lord to his title. Once that was done, Lord Fusitu’a then reciprocated via a talking chief of the Ha’a Ngata Motu’a clan, of which he is a member, who gave a traditional speech of thanks and gratitude for the honour bestowed by His Majesty on the Lord’s behalf. After Lord Fusitu’a’s talking chief shared words of appreciation, the ceremony concluded and the new Lord was greeted by members of the Royal Household as well as his ‘kainga’ (or traditional kinsmen and relatives) from his estates at Niua Fo’ou and close family and friends, which included a number of his brethren Lords.

It’s been a busy month for Lord Fusitu’a with the recent passing of his father the late Lord Fusitu’a and his being appointed days after the funeral. One thing for sure is that this Nobleman has a love for the people he serves and a deep appreciation and love for them and their welfare.


A lawyer by profession, Lord Fusitu’a has 15 years of experience as a barrister and solicitor both for the Government of Tonga and in private practice. When asked what he focuses on in terms of his current work as an investment lawyer and legal consultant, Lord Fusitu’a shared that, ”As an executive director I am both on the board as well as helping to manage the Spartan South Pacific Group (SSG) which is an aquaculture and investment company. I oversee the relationship with the Government of Tonga which works together with the company to bring the joint venture with our Chinese venture capitalist partners to fruition. From large scale matters such as contracting, to licensing, to legislative compliance right down to details such as planning construction of the farms and implementation of logistical matters. My appointment as Lord Fusitu’a specifically places in my hands, the responsibility for the welfare of the kainga on my estates and the land that these estates entail. My vision is for me to work for and with my kainga to bring both public and private sector opportunities and resources to my people to help develop both the land and the kainga.”

Lord Fusitu’a has been prepared for his new title for a very long time. He not only focuses on his kainga but he is an international business law attorney. He has developed opportunities for the small island nation and will continue to do so in his new position.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Lord Fusitu’a and his family are seeking to influence and build a future for their kainga, families and in turn the Kingdom as a whole.

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo

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