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Jordis Unga’s New Hit Single Takes America By Storm

Music 12 Jan 2014   »   by TheWhatItDo


Talent is an understatement when it comes to soulful songstress Jordis Unga. The wait is over and fans can finally listen to what the authentic artist has been cooking up in the studio. She is music and her originality speaks volumes with her unique sound and sophisticated lyrics. As a result, Jordis has the skills and ability to connect with fans on a worldwide scale. A voice that is like no other has the power to move audiences and spark life into stadium lights and arenas. There is no doubt that a rare and raw musician such as Jordis Unga will inspire the music scene as a whole and only continue to succeed. We are beyond thrilled to see what ‘A Letter From Home’ will offer us and we are anxious to hear and feel all the creative expression Jordis shares on her new debut album.

Jordis is a Minnesota bred, singer / songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. She first gained worldwide exposure after appearing on CBS’s hit TV show Rock Star: INXS. Her appearance on the show defined her in the eyes of many of her fans as a true “rock star”, but Jordis cannot be defined that easily.

“When dreadlocked Jordis Unga stepped on stage and ripped into a searing rendition of The Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’, she didn’t just kick off another music competition, she outsang four seasons’ worth of American Idols.” – People Magazine

Jordis is currently coming off of a red hot ride on season 2 of the number one rated TV show, “The Voice” where she quickly became a frontrunner. With eclectic musical influences, she is a versatile singer and performer who possesses an ability to move through different genres with ease, from edgy rock performances to soul, R&B and pop. Jordis’ bluesy voice has the ability to move the soul and captivate the listener. She won a Grammy in 2012 for her work with Jimmy Cliff on his album “Rebirth”.

Her debut album ‘A Letter from Home’ is a nod to all of Jordis’ musical influences, from the sounds of Motown to the story style writing of Tom Waits. Jordis rounded up some amazing musicians to join her in the studio, including Tommy King/piano and organ (David Foster, Macy Gray, Snoop Dogg, Maroon 5, x-factor musical director), John Morrical/keys (Rancid, Blink 182, Tim Armstrong, Jimmy Cliff), Mark Bush/trumpet (Voodoo Glow Skulls, Tim Timebomb), Dash Hutton/drums (Haim), Kevin Bivona/guitar (Tim Armstrong, Rancid, Transplants, Jimmy Cliff), Tim Hutton/bass (Telecasters, Three Dog Night, Johnny Madcap, Bjorn Baillie) …..among many others.

After a little over a year writing and recording her full length album, with the continued support of her family, friends and fans, she is ready to present her debut album.

A Letter from Home” Album release date Feb 14, 2014

Produced by Jordis Unga, Tim Hutton, Kevin Bivona, Dash Hutton

Recorded at The Canyon Hut Studio

Mixed by Kevin Bivona (2012 grammy winning mixer/engineer for Jimmy Cliff ’Rebirth’)nevaeva1

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