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Exclusive: NBC’S THE VOICE Contestant Tessanne Chin

Music 25 Sep 2013   »   by TheWhatItDo


TWID: How was the overall experience last night? Give us the whole run down.

Chin: We went to a family friend’s house and, of course, we celebrate with food coming from Jamaica. Honestly, it was a surreal experience, being able to share that with my family and to share it with my friends. And, to watch it again, every single emotion that you can imagine while doing it because, you know, what people don’t see is how hard you work to get to that point. It was truly a moving experience and super emotional one. I’m super happy to get wonderful support from my jamaican people, my carribean people, as well, and you know I hope to get some new fans too.

TWID: Why did you sing Pink’s song, “I Try”?

Chin: Because this was me getting up and trying again. Definitely, this is me getting up and trying again. I thought I had a very strong message and plus, I think, Pink is one of the strongest vocalists in my estimation. So, I wanted to do her justice.

TWID: Will we have a chance to hear Hideaway in the coming weeks?

Chin: Probably not. This is more about a reinvention of me.

TWID: How did it feel to perform in front of America?

Chin: Absolutely breathtaking. And, you know, this is what I have been working for – for my entire career. When I was a little girl, I watched local jamaican artists, but the ones I had my eye on was Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Tina Turner. So, to be able to get that chance just to be able to share the stage with these amazing artists, as well, and to be able to sing in front of the world’s most elite artists, it was absolutely breathtaking and I’m so grateful.

TWID: Why did you choose Adam Levine out of the other judges who wanted you as well?

Chin: For me, I chose Adam because he is a musical chameleon. He can easily adapt to pop, rock, and so many different elements and different genres within his own music. I like that. I am one to try different things and I really like him for that in that way.

It will be interesting to see Tesanne’s experience on the journey as superstar Adam Levine mentors and coaches thru out this season’s competition. For more information, visit the official website of NBC’S The Voice.

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo
Images Provided By: Tyler Golden/NBC
Video Provided By: NBC

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