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Exclusive: Backstage With Nonosina

Entertainment 09 Jul 2013   »   by TheWhatItDo


Host Leta Fau’olo attended one of the hottest polynesian shows of the summer. The world re-known polynesian dance group Nonosina held a special fundraiser for their trip to Tahiti. Every year, Nonosina travels to Tahiti to perform and to give back to the tahitian community. It’s something that Tiana Liufau (Choreographer) is very passionate about. She often speaks of the word “mana” which has many meanings but for all polynesians its a term often used as the “spirit of polynesia” that lives within their souls. The amazing music and choreography in the show was not only great but you could feel the passion and love through the art of dance.

We were able to catch up with some of the dancers and musicians backstage and visit with them after the show. The best part of the evening was being able to listen and learn from the creative minds of behind the show TUMU. The show producers and choreographers are Mika Hirao-Solem and Tiana Nonosina Liufau.

Check out our video segment below!

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