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EXCLUSIVE: NBC’S The Voice Blind Auditions

Entertainment 09 Apr 2013   »   by TheWhatItDo


The next Team Voice has officially kicked off Season 4. New judges Usher and Shakira create a new dynamic on the show. Shakira, The Latin Beauty, and Usher, having mentored Justin Bieber, bring an “A” game proving to veteran coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton they are not going to hold anything back.

This season is to be one of the fiercest seasons. Advancing contestant Duncan Kamakana, a native from Honolulu, Hawaii, marked his debut on The Voice’s Blind Auditions singing Michael Buble’s hit single, “I Wanna Go Home.” Kamakana joins Team Adam.

TWID: What is your background?

Duncan Kamakana: I grew up on the Island of Oahu out in Hawaii. I was actually, mostly, into sports when I was younger, but my dad was a professional musician… By the time I had come around, my dad had gone back to school and was becoming a professor. It wasn’t really until high school that I really started getting into the whole music thing.

TWID: Who do you compare your sound to and what’s your inspiration behind the music?

Duncan Kamakana: It’s hard to say who I would compare myself to. I listen to literally everything. I grew up listening to James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt… I really loved singer songwriters. I listened to a lot of people most people haven’t heard of. I would say sound wise – I would possibly compare myself closest to like Gavin DeGraw, as far as, what I’m going for and what I natural sound like. But even that, it’s kind of a vague comparison.

TWID: What made you decide to join The Voice competition?

Duncan Kamakana: Opportunity presented itself and I decided why not. Actually, one of the reasons why I even know about this show is Tony Lucca. I’ve been listening to him for years and really one of my favorite singer songwriters. I was watching the Super Bowl and Season 2 popped up right after and I heard this song come on, it was “Trouble” and I looked up and I was like wow, I really like this. I look up and it was Tony Lucca and from that moment. I mean, I think that kind of planted the seed. When I got the opportunity, I just kind of rolled with it.

This upcoming week will be the last of the blind auditions. Then we move into the battle rounds.

All the best to all the contestants. The What It Do will keep you up to date each week!

Article Written By: Lavoni Na’a

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