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Mondays With Madison: 10 THINGS TO TRY THIS SPRING

Entertainment 01 Apr 2013   »   by Admin



HAPPY APRIL READERS! Once April hits, there is absolutely no doubt that Spring is among us, and I couldn’t be more excited. Spring is a time for renewal and a time for change, as well as growth. Here are a few things to try in the next few months to make your Spring Season amazing!


1. GIVE YOUR CLOSET SOME SPRING LOVIN’: Now is the perfect time to put away the knit sweaters and break out the shorts and tank tops. With warm weather quickly approaching, there’s no need to keep that collection of thick, black hoodies in your closet. Cleaning out your closet will give you a refreshing feeling; and maybe you’ll even find a few gems that you forgot you had!
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2. HIKE TO THE HIGHEST SPOT NEAR YOU: There is so much beauty during Spring that is literally budding all around you. Get a group of friends and enjoy the beauty of nature while the weather is still nice! (Here in Vegas, time is quickly running out for temperature under 100 degrees. Yikes!) You’ll not only be getting a workout but you can also discover a lot of awesome hiking spots in your area that you will fall in love with!



3. DISCOVER A NEW TALENT: As I said before, now is the time for change. Learn to play an instrument or practice making that dinner that you always end up burning! I personally have made a goal to be more crafty this season. I have a few Do-It-Yourself projects planned for my days off (I’ll share pictures if they come out alright. Fingers crossed).



4. RENEW YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS: If you’re like me, you’ve probably already given up on the 10 pounds you planned to lose in January. But come on, it’s only April! Get back into those habits that you wanted to keep. Don’t let the roses around your house be the only things to grow this season!



5. GO ON A WEEKEND ROAD TRIP: Spring Fever is so real. There’s not many people who would rather be cooped up in an office or classroom when the weather outside is so perfect. Take a couple of days off and go on a turn-around trip to a place that you’ve been dying to go! Some of the best memories come from spur-of-the-moment trips.



6. LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC: I’ve noticed that during Spring, the music that I listen to is a lot more upbeat and light. Do a little Spring cleaning with your iPod this season! Check out these awesome artists that I think are perfect for Spring listening!


7. ENJOY A MEAL OUTSIDE: Fire up your grill and invite the neighbors over for a potluck or head to a park and have a picnic with your family! Nothing brings people closer than a good meal. This is a great way to kickoff the season with close friends or friends you may have recently met!



8. WATCH SOMETHING GROW: Learn how to nurture something this season. Plant some tulips in your yard or maybe even adopt a pet from a shelter. Having to take care of something will help to broaden your outlook on life and help you learn to appreciate whatever it is that you are nurturing.



9. ATTEND AN OUTDOOR FESTIVAL: April really kicks-off Fesitval Season. There are so many upcoming festivals in the next few months that have awesome lineups! Some of the big events include Coachella, Sasquatch!, Outside Lands, EDC, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo, all occurring between April and August. Besides these events, keep an eye out for outdoor music events that feature live music from local artists as well!



10. STAY POSITIVE: Use Spring as a starting point for a new mindset. Try to stay positive when things discourage you. Learn how to accept things when they don’t go your way and change things that you can change. I am a huge fan of mediation and yoga. Find your own, healthy way to release stress and to better yourself this season!



What’s on your Spring bucket list? Comment below and let us know!

I hope all of you find your own way to make this this season a memorable and enjoyable one.













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