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Exclusive, Music 29 Mar 2013   »   by Admin

Get Personal with Urban Island Artist Ya Boy Mo (YBM)

TheWhatItDo tells the stories behind the music as YBM prepares for the release of his second album, “Know Your Rootz Vol. II.”

TWID: Tell us about yourself.

YBM: I’m from Cali., Sacramento born and raised. I come from family of thirteen. Right now, I’ve just been doing music since I was a youngin’, maybe nine or ten. It didn’t really start getting serious until about 09’. I started in a group called Paradise Ent, but just a couple of months ago I decided to go solo.

TWID: What brings you to the music business?

YBM: The island we come from my grandpa is a well-known singer and all of my aunties and uncles were always into music. Since we were young, my siblings and I would do some singing here and there. Every one would tell me I should think about doing it seriously, so that’s when we started in 09’. It just went forward from there.

TWID: How do you feel about taking your music back to Tonga sometime in your career?

YBM: I really do want to, and that’s why I’ve been working on my album tour out here. You know, I really want to go back to my island and show them we’re doing something out here… For anyone out here in the states we haven’t forgotten about our people.

TWID: What is the inspiration behind your music?

YBM: My inspiration is of course my grandpa, Lucky Dube, and Bob Marley, the real humble ones. Those are my top three artists.

What inspires my music is my family. Even though I do different genres of music, they all evolve around love. So, family love, friend’s love, and everything about love works for me. I write all my own music, but I will ask for people’s opinions.

TWID: What can we expect from your upcoming music?

YBM: I’m working on my second album, “Volume 2 to Know Your Roots.” My first album dropped in September of last year. Just more love of spreading the music, and expand my collaborations with more artists. I want it to get further, and to hit every crowd, every generation with every kind of genre. I want people to relate to my music in any kind of way.

TWID: What do you hope to accomplish with Know Your Roots, Volume II?

YBM: My destination I’m looking forward to is getting a label deal, just working towards that record deal right now. Just to make it mainstream, so that all this music and hard work won’t be in vain. I know everyone says that the dream is too big, but the sky is the limit you know? I wanna be able to take care of my family, and be happy.

TWID: What can your audience expect at your shows?

YBM: Just expect music to make you move. I don’t want to make you sit down, leave, or just sit there and watch me. You know, I want the crowd to dance and have a good time. Just enjoy yourselves. We came to party and have fun that’s what it’s all about.

TWID: What do you want to say to your fans?

YBM: I want my fans to know that this music thing, you know, it’s because of them. I still have the motivation and the inspiration because of them. Their feedback, their opinions, them listening to my stuff, and acknowledging the fact that I do what I do is what keeps me going really.

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