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Mana Youth Conference: Surface The Mana Within You

Entertainment 24 Mar 2013   »   by TheWhatItDo


Vaimoana Niumeitolu stated that the MANA Conference was an event to “acknowledge, honor, and respect” the youth of today’s Polynesian society, and we firmly believe that it did just that. In an effort to inspire the younger generations, the MANA Conference catered to the idea of making an impact on their futures. With a positive response from the community, it is apparent just how important the Poly Movement has truly become.

Getting lost in the modernizations of today’s culture is not difficult, so it is essential that the youth remain educated. Events like the MANA Conference allow information and awareness to be easily accessible, and it offers youth an immense amount of consolation about the future that is possible, especially for the Polynesian population. Polynesian artists and guest speakers were present at MANA not only to showcase talent, but to remind each and every young urban islander out there that they are worth it. From Aotearoa to Hawaii, Pacific Americans have come together to promote education and awareness to the youth of tomorrow.

Working with the College of San Mateo, The Pacific Islander MANA Youth Conference of 2013 proved to be a major success in the movement towards youth empowerment within the Polynesian cultures, and that’s WhatItDo!

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