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Fashion 22 Mar 2013   »   by Admin


Babes are you ready for Spring Break yet?! I know I told you last week that I’d be giving the guys more tips on how to perfect their swag but I’ve been sidetracked by all this talk of Spring Break! Midterms are over, the sun is coming out, and I swear my pool in the backyard has been chanting the phrase, “Throw a party, throw a party!” My favorite thing about Spring break isn’t the food or the people though, it’s the warm-weather-cloths people bring out of closet hibernation and wear for only five seconds before they strip and reveal their beautiful bikini-beach bods!

I’ve always had way too many t-shirts in my closet that I can’t bare to part with but can never find any use for because it’s just way to hot outside. So below I’ve posted a fun DIY (Do it yourself) video I like watching that teaches you how to give a new life to your t-shirts and turn them into the hot subject on everyone’s lips at the party!

The key to making your outfit a success is recylce recycle RECYCLE! Don’t spend $50-$100 on items just because they’re called “vintage”. Make your own vintage items! Steal an old concert t-shirt from your parents, or use an old field day t-shirt from elementry school (great conversation starter by the way just saying. Who didn’t love field honestly!?). It’s all about how you want to get people talking. By using your old things you’re making your own “Vintage (insert name here)” stamp. Below are some pictures of how I use three of my old t-shirts and take them from poolside/party outfits to date-night outfits.

fob 5

These are three t-shirts that I made into tank tops after watching the DIY video above.

fob 4

This is definitely a pool side outfit. The daisy-duke style shorts and skinny belt make it an easy slip on and off kind of deal. It’s small, short, and cool so that you don’t have to worry about being too hot in those moments right before you jump into the pool!

fob 7

Now in this picture above I took the same T-shirt and by just pairing it with a denim jacket, scarf, and jeans I’ve turned it into a stree/date night look. Making different combinations with your wardrobe pieces and tank tops can really save you a lot of time and money while still keeping you fabulous!

Below are some more outfits I put together using my other two tanktops.
fob 2
fob 1

I used two different methods for my “Wolf” and “London” tank. On one tank I used the fringe method for the sleeves after I cut the tank top shape out of my t-shirt that I wanted. Then on the other tank I used the racer-back method. What I like to do with the sleeves (if I don’t cut those up into fringe) is use the extra material to make string for a racer back T. I cut the sleeves into three long strips around starting at the base of the shoulder and then I braid the three pieces together and wind it around the tank. As seen below.

fob 3
fob 6

By the way that London shirt is my all time favorite. I’ve worn it to concerts, school, work and pretty much everywhere else and I always get compliments on it! My favorite conversation to have with people about it goes something like this.

Them: I love the shirt where did you get it?!
Me: Thank you! D.I.
Them: What’s that?
Me: Deseret Industries.
Them: Oh my gosh is that a new vintage place? I’ve never heard of it.

(Insert laughing/crying emoji here)

All I’m saying is stop wasting your money! The only thing you need to do to fill your wardrobe with some hot new tops is a pair of scissors. But if you have to spend money, just grab your scissors, call me up, and let’s head out to D.I. and do some thrift shopping!

Xx J.V. Olivé

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