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Fashion 15 Mar 2013   »   by Admin

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Happy Friday Babes! Throw away those productive to-do lists you had foolishly planned to accomplish because the weekend is here and ready to party with you! A great weekend always starts with a good wardrobe, like a warrior you have to make sure you’ve got all the right equipment to help you win the battle wherever you are; on a first date, a concert, or maybe even the dance floor. I want to let all the fellas out there know a secret though, the reason we ladies get out of bed and paint our faces with makeup, put on cloths that are much tighter and shorter than the ideal comfy pair of sweatpants, and wear shoes that feel like six-inch high bear traps while we walk… is all to impress you men. But this isn’t a one way street, if we put in this effort we expect you to do the same! So this week’s post is dedicated to all the babe-a-licious guys because dressing to impress and conquer those long nights, beautiful women and good times requires more than the average football jersey-couch-potato-swag.

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I spent a good four to five hours exploring the men’s section of the MAGIC Market convention and it was amazing. Women’s fashion often overshadows men’s because of how dramatic and “costumey” the styles, colors, and shapes women can take on in their style, but as I walked around the Mandalay Bay convention center I was in constant awe. There was never a dull moment as I talked to the different vendors who passionately described the messages behind every piece of fabric. That’s the great thing about men’s fashion, although some people may see the styles and silhouettes as simple, it’s the message behind what’s on every print and every color that makes each garment so unique.

Two brands that are sure to help enhance any man’s wardrobe are Fly Society and South Pole. After bonding over islander roots, Ojay Tulali, the representative of Fly Society’s booth explained how their company is in their “stride”. Though their website is under construction, that isn’t holding up the company, that was founded by pro skater/musician Terry Kennedy and his friends in Long Beach, from outsourcing their apparel all across the country. “We try to touch every culture and every nationality,” said Ojay. He said what he feels personally from the brand is that it aims to “…inspire [people] to reach your goals. From graphic t’s to hats, Fly Society aims to class up the casual.

Check out this video below of some of the fun and happy suprises that happened at Fly Society’s magic booth!

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Another brand that’s looking to class up its more relaxed style is South Pole. I spoke to Joon Lee, the booth’s rep who boldly and proudly stated that the reason their brand will succeed in this advent is because, “We know our customers better.” A brand that’s well known for outfitting it’s big and tall customers is now opting for a slimmer fit, but don’t think that means they’re abandoning their original styles! Joon commented on the change saying, “People are slimming down their style. [We’re] trying to find a standard that’s fitted but still comfy.” He also mentioned a label that South Pole has invested in called WT02 that’s “geared to the hip young kids”. A label that’s much more fitted and geared towards teens and men in their young twenties. The brand has many solid pieces that challenges its customers to embrace their own styles by using the brand like a puzzle to mix and match their various pieces. A brand Joon called very “interchangeable”.

If you’re looking for new threads to class up that drab wardrobe this weekend then definitely check out these brands! You won’t be disappointed. Check back next week fellas because we’re just getting started!

Til next time loves
J.V. Olivé

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