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Fashion 08 Mar 2013   »   by Admin


Happy Friday to all my lovely Fashion Obsessed Babes! Last week I told you about the awesome opportunity I had to attend MAGIC Market Week, one of the top fashion events of the year held in Las Vegas. Today I’m giving a shout out to the ladies and sharing the WhatItDo fall trends that every woman needs to know!

1. Peplum

Last fall one of the hottest styles out was Parisian Chic. And a lot of the trends in that style have remained hot items helping them crossover their popularity into 2013. One of those items is the Peplum top.
I believe this top is a must have for any woman’s closet because not only is it a dress up kind of top that’s quick and easy, but it’s also very flattering on many different body types! Whether you’re full chested or light on the assets, the cut of the peplum makes everyone look like an all-natural woman without revealing too much. This top is best paired with a skinnier jean, allowing the top’s flare, which comes out at the waist, to give the allusion of an hour glass figure.

2. Patterned Pant

My first advice on this is DO NOT TO BE AFRAID! Don’t let the patterns scare you away from being bold. Patterned pants are a fun way to mix and match with the tops in your wardrobe to create fun combinations you couldn’t get with just a regular plain jean.
– Patterns to think twice about –
• Horizontal stripes are a hard print to flatter on anyone. If your heart is set on loving stripes though (which I totally understand because I have the same obsession) just remember that the illusion they create on the body is like a wide angle lens. (Stripe lovers should try a vertical pattern for a more flattering fit.)
• Busy prints are harder to flatter on wider legs. So all my ladies either blessed with muscle or a nice trunk need to remember this advice! You can still pull of prints just go for a simpler one image pattern rather than a pattern that looks like a bad Photoshop overlay of 5+ images.

3. Asymmetrical

This is by far my favorite style. For those who were hoping high-lows would die out too bad! You better dig deep and find a new love for them because the fashion industry is injecting them with more love then ever! This style is another very flattering item for all sizes and also heights, for shorter woman especially. “Fun sized” woman (holla to the short girls! *Baby mamma sound*) who’ve always longed for that “legs for days” model look can now slap on an asymmetrical dress and some wedges and live out the allusion all day long! Taller woman beware though, because of the extreme difference in lengths, it may be harder to find high-lows that are long enough for your gorgeous legs. Remember think classy, not trashy! A new interpretation of asymmetrical cuts that will start making headway throughout the year is dresses with longer sides combined with a short front and back skirt. So be on the lookout!

Well babes that’s all the time I have for today. Be sure to check back next week where I’ll give you some styling tips for these trends as well as giving all the fellas out there an inside scoop on hot brands I spoke to at MAGIC who know what it means to have SWAG.

– J.V. Olivé

P.s. Check out this photo below of Selena Gomez combining two of the hot styles we just told you about!


Photo courtesy of Perez Hilton/Coco Perez

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