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Music 06 Mar 2013   »   by Admin


March is finally here which also means that Spring and all its perks have sprung upon us! It’s time for shorter clothing, a warmer sun and, my personal favorite, new music! I went on iTunes the other day to inject my weekly car playlist with new songs to reflect this March madness I was feeling, when I stumbled on not just one song but twelve!

All the songs are a part of a record called “Mutual Friends” that belongs to a Swiss-German band named BOY, that’s actually made up of two girls. Valeska Steiner, vocals, and Sonja Glass, bassist, first met at a music workshop in Hamburg, Germany and it wasn’t until three years later in 2008, after Valeska left her homeland of Switzerland to move to Germany, that the two began writing together. The duo has a very Euro pop sound that sits between the alternative rock lines of Lykke Li and Pheonix. Valeska’s smooth and light Sara Bareilles-esque tone swoons your ears while her thought provoking lyrics melt your heart. The work they’ve created along with their producer Philipp Steinke is the kind of fun, organic, and refreshing sound that should not only celebrate Spring but also the pop genre as well.

BOY’s first single “Little Numbers”, whose music video on Youtube has almost 8 million views!, has a dark haunting piano melody with a beat that you can’t help but tap your foot and sway along with. Valeska sings about flustered thoughts and feelings of anticipation while she waits for a phone call from a potential lover, “I’ve rearranged parts of my living room/ But time is hard to kill since I met you.” With a catchy-toe-tapping-chorus whose topic resembles that of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe”, I’ll proudly shout from the mountain tops right now that this infectious single has a future “summer anthem” label written all over it. So it comes as no surprise that iTunes has chosen to make it their free “Single of the Week”.

I know it may seem like I’m over hyping this band but they are well worth it! With tracks like “Oh Boy” that has the fun and colorful artistry resemblance of Pheonix (which, consequently enough, the girls got Pheonix’s live drummer Thomas Hedlund to track the drums on), or “Boris” a heavy eerie guitar in-your-face-anthem trashing a man that’s trying to convince Valeska to cheat on her boyfriend, it’s quite clear these ladies are more than just a one hit wonder.

Currently BOY is embarking on a U.S. takeover of our hearts, (all signs pointing so far to a complete success!), with the state side release of “Mutual Friends” accompanied by a tour hitting up some of the most famous “Up and Comer” venues like L.A.’s “Troubador”, New York’s “Joe’s Pub” (which they sold out!), and lending their talents to one of the biggest music festivals of the year SXSW! Do your ears a favor and pick up their free single on itunes HERE, then their album HERE today.

Then maybe watch their music video for “Little Numbers” below.

After that you could watch how awesome they are live by watching this video below then look into some of their tour dates HERE and buy tickets if they’re playing in your city.

And after all of that you can like their page on facebook and start calling yourself, what they’ve so wittly named, a “BOYfriend”.

It won’t be long before these ladies are taking over your radio, so get a jump start on your hipster bragging rights now! And remember who brings you new music first, the WhatItDo from coast to coast. (Cheesy slogan not a trademark haha and its usage life is currently filed under “to be determined.”)


*Little Numbers
*Oh Boy
*Waltz For Pony


*LYKEE LI – I’m Good, I’m Gone

*LISSIE – When I’m Alone

*PHEONIX – Lisztomania

Article by: J.V. Olivé
Photo provided by: BOY facebook page
Videos of BOY provided by: Groenland Records Youtube page
All other videos provided courtesy of Youtube

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