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Fashion 01 Mar 2013   »   by Admin

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Las Vegas is a well known hostess for many things; parties, concerts, and nights filled with memories you’d never want to forget. But twice a year Vegas steps back from the red carpets and club lights to open its arms to the biggest fashion convention of the year, MAGIC Market Week. I was lucky enough to attend the event, from February 18th- 21st, where there were thousands upon thousands of not only fashonista attendees but also endless miles of booths filled with fabulous vendors.

All week long I had to constantly suppress my inner fashion guru that was geeking out over getting the first glimpses for fall (and even next spring, yes 2014!) colors, styles, and trends. I watched runway shows and got happily lost inside the maze of booths, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Bay, that held vendors eager to outsource their product across America as well as overseas!

After the second day of indulging in this fashion bliss, I started to notice that I kept asking myself a question over and over again in my head, “I love that but…will that work for my body type?” It’s no secret that we Polynesians blessed with islander roots and pride, are also blessed with very large-and-in-charge-healthy-body types that we got from our momma’s and papa’s! It’s also well known that the fashion market travels to places like New York or Paris that is filled with a certain type of people, the kind who think that anything clothing related with more than a single digit exists on a price tag and not a pant size, to help inspire their lines and trends. And because of this there are times I feel unstylish and “out of the loop” when I hit up my local retail stores and a new shirt they’ve just released is big enough for me to use as a leg warmer!

So I started asking different vendors the only question I couldn’t get off my mind; why? Why don’t companies cater to larger sizes? Sure there’s retailers that only cater to “plus sizes”, or in men’s cases “big and tall”, but the cloths are often not up to par with styles you’d find that only go up to single digits. So I kept asking, why? As much as I wanted to be angry and feel shunned by the fashion industry, the more I pried, the more I realized the only blame to be placed was on us as consumers! Nora Tan a representative for BedStu, a footwear line donned by some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities like Dianna Agron from FOX’s Glee, spoke to me about how retailers will only buy the sizes they believe they’ll be able to sell in their stores. Nora said, “We know there’s a void in the market place. It’s getting retailers to support the void.” If we, the larger consumer, aren’t going out to our local stores and demanding our sizes though, then the retailers have no reason to source them to their stores. Ladies and gentleman it’s time to put down the muumuus, the lava-lavas, and the oversized football jerseys and get fashionable!

Fashion is one of the most ever changing entertainment outlets and it can be hard to keep up on. That’s why wants to help you stay in the loop, so now every week we will present F.O.B Friday, Fashion Obsessed Babes Friday. We’ll bring you the “What It Do’s” and “What It Don’ts” of men’s and women’s trends, styles, and brands of the fashion industry. Stay tuned for next week’s article where I’ll give you a first glimpse into the “What It Do’s” of this fall’s fashion trends.

Article and photo by: J.V. Olivé

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