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Shakin’ It Up!

Music 19 Feb 2013   »   by TheWhatItDo

harlem shake

It’s safe to say that if you have any type of social network, you’ve witnessed the ever-growing epidemic known as The Harlem Shake. But if you need to be caught up to speed, The Harlem Shake is, without a doubt, the biggest web trend since Gangnam Style.

Set to the the song “Harlem Shake” by artist Baauer, each video starts out with one person in some type of mask dancing while everyone else in the room acts as if they don’t notice. Half-way through the video, the song commands “Do the Harlem Shake”. At this point, everyone in the video then suddenly breaks out into dance while wearing crazy outfits.

Uploaded on February 2nd, this is the video that started the viral trend:

Since February 11, 2013, there have been over 40,000 “Harlem Shake” videos uploaded on YouTube. While the trend started as just a college kid fad, the videos have been uploaded by professional sports teams, armed forces, TV production crews, and even celebrities!

This video, uploaded by the UGA Men’s Swim and Dive Team has gotten over 19 MILLION views since uploaded on February 11th:

The videos are not the only thing to go viral however, Baauer’s track is number one on iTunes’ “Top Singles” chart. Baauer’s single has taken its place above powerhouses such as Drake, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift.

Whether you’ve drank the Harlem koolaid or not, it’s nearly impossible to log onto a social media website and not see one of these videos. But just how long will this virtual fad last? Why, until the next trend comes around, of course!

Article By: Madison Olive
Photo/Video Provided By: YouTube
Statistics Provided By: YouTube

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