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Exclusive Interview: NBC’S The Biggest Loser Contestant Lisa Rambo

Entertainment 04 Feb 2013   »   by TheWhatItDo


Lisa Rambo, a contestant on the reality weight-loss competition The Biggest Loser season 14 was eliminated during Monday night’s NBC broadcast. Lisa, a special education teacher from Houlton, Wisconsin was sent home after being voted off by her red team who posted the lowest weight-loss percentage for the week and felt like she was the strongest to continue her journey from home.
Lisa talked about her experience on the Biggest Loser during a Tuesday conference call with reporters.

TWID: When you first got home from the ranch, how was your mindset and your confidence different compared to when you left to go to the show?

Lisa Rambo: Being on the Biggest Loser really empowered me. I came home stronger and more complete and more whole. I came back ready to win this. You know, when I left the ranch, I looked at my team and I said you better work hard because I’m going to go home and work twice as hard.

And I did. I got home. I got off the plane and me and my husband went for a three-mile run. The next morning we woke up and we cleaned out our kitchen, threw tons of stuff away and restocked it. And I have been working hard every day since then.

TWID: Lisa, on the show you stated that your husband has never seen you under the 200 pounds. And when you returned home, what were his first impressions of when he saw you after losing that weight?

Lisa Rambo: He was very supportive. I went home at 209 pounds. So he had seen me there before. But I was smaller than when I left home. And he was very proud of me. He knew that I had given my all on the ranch. And the cool part was I got picked up by a husband who had lost 40 pounds when he picked me up. So he said, “Hey skinny” and I said, “Hey skinny” right back.

Being a mother a wife and a teacher and at the same time you’re trying to continue your journey of losing more weight and trying to win the at home challenge, how do you find the time and balance to continue your workouts and losing the weight?
I am blessed by having an amazing husband who has stepped up in huge ways and a community and a family that really has helped. My mom and my sister and my aunts, close friends have really stepped up to help me take care of my children the way they need to be taken care of.

I remember it was just day two or three home from the ranch and I was picking up laundry and my husband took it out of my hand and he looked at me and said, “You are still on this mission. This is not over. You know what. You are supposed to still be on the ranch. So we’re going to take what we can get as you walk by but we want you to stay focused and finish this as strong as you started.” So I’m a lucky lady.

Lisa has lost a total of 80 pounds and plans to continue to lose more. She has her eye set on the goal and is pushing forward in her weight-loss journey in hopes of winning the at-home prize which is definitely whatitdo!

Article Written By: Lavoni Na’a

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