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Exclusive Interview: NBC’S Take It All Game Show Host Howie Mandel

Entertainment 04 Dec 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Howie Mandel

NBC has a new holiday game show, “Take It All”, premieres December 10, 2012 hosted by Deal Or No Deal’s Howie Mandel. A game show centered around the white elephant game. Contestants will play for gifts ranging from cars, exotic vacations, cash prizes and more. Mandel gives TheWhatItDo an exclusive look to the world of television game shows in this new season “Take It All”.

TWID: What’s the difference between playing this game at home?

Howie Mandel: If you’re playing this in your home, I’m coming to your home. We give away cars, exotic vacations. This is a beyond any kind of gift you could possibly imagine.

TWID: What is the nature of people’s behaviors when playing in game shows?

Howie Mandel: I’ve learned that I know nothing. I’ve learned that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve learned that I’m fascinated with the human vision. I’ve learned that you put people in different environments and they probably don’t know what they are gonna do. When people get out there and play, there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash out there, there’s boats and cars and real estate. You see people’s reactions to it and see how they change in that very moment. I get fascinated by their reactions.

TWID: What kind of game player are you? Are you good at games?

Howie Mandel: No, not at all. I’m not a player of games. I’m fascinated by their strategic approach in playing the game. For example, trivia and physical games are exclusive. Like when its trivia and the category is geography and let’s say you don’t know anything about geography. So, you can’t participate. But these kinds of games, it’s just humanity. It’s just people making life changing decisions and life changing moves. That’s fascinating to watch. Someone can show up to the show and have just graduated from college, forty minutes later they’re standing there with hundreds and thousands of dollars. Their life has changed.

TWID: Was there something specific as to why you wanted to host this new game show?

Howie Mandel: Having been to a party where people have played secret santa or white elephant in their homes. It’s a great form of entertainment and a fun social game.

TWID: How are the contestants selected for the game show?

Howie Mandel: They are picked in the traditional way as far as game shows go. Local stations put the word out that they can be a part of a game show. There’s an audition process and that way they can be picked from the audience. You can visit and see how you can audition for the show.

For more information on the Take It All, you can visit the official website.

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo

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