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Kingi And Pistallion Are Back At It Again With Addicted Featuring J Boog

Music 05 Oct 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo

From The East Side Of The Bay, to the Northern Bay Area, 2 phenomenal Hip-hop artists,unite putting Polynesian Rappers on the map. Kingi of the Tongan descent representing Union City,CA forms an alliance with Samoan Hip-hop artist Pistallion out of Vallejo,CA. Both artists hail from separate groups, before forming a strong Tongan and Samoan bond.Kingi from the East Bay belonged to a group known as Ripple’n12 as Pistallion from Vallejo, Ca. belonged to a group know as Tha Suspects. It was later on in there careers that both artists decided to go solo. It was then that both Tongan and Samoan Hip-hop artists decided to engage in making History by putting the stereotypes and cultural differences to the side. There passion for Music was bigger than the negative history behind both cultures.

From being in a group to becoming solo artists, both Kingi and Pistallion always kept a professional connection with one another further in there careers. Both artists were very talented and brought there own sense of motivation and competition to the table. They worked great together and always pushed one another to stay focused and increase there penmanship. With both, artists sharing the same vision and over-all dream, Kingi and Pistallion inherited great success as well as gaining influential resources. In 2012, this extraordinary and uniqe duo decided to engage in there first Debut Album “Top Rawmen”. While maintaining there solo names Kingi and Pistallion both displayed a dynamic partnership.

The Album “Top Rawmen” was created to keep, even the best hip hop artists in the music world, humble and always hungry. Top Rawmen is popular for there noodles, and that you will always find in Polynesian homes, to Kingi and Pistallion its the foundation of a poormans struggle. This reminded both artists where they initially started. This album will be very eclectic and display a very vivid imagination from both hip hop artists. With great anticipation of the Top Rawmen album: Kingi and Pistallion are coming out with Guns blazing dropping ther 1st single Addicted feat-Jboog of Wash house Records, Top reggae artist, and Record Produced by Danny(Monsta O)Devoux of the Boo-Yaa Tribe.

With Both Kingi and Pistallion ft-Jboog, this Record is bound for great success. It is a very Hot and Sexy Record with sounds of the Bay Area Culture blended smoothly with a Latin and Island Swing. Music that everybody can relate to.

Press Release Provided By: Insomniak Musiq

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