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Shaking Up The Night With Reggae Sensation Luciano

Music 21 Aug 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
454 Life Entertainment

Over the weekend, MezzanineSF was the venue to be at when Jamaica’s very own reggae sensation Luciano came to the bay area for a one night only show. The event was packed to capacity as fans anticipated Luciano to grace the stage. Known for his spiritual rhythms and lyrics, the atmosphere and vibe was great.

Singing classics like Lord Give Me Strength and Shake It Up Tonight, the place went wild as its been a while since he has been in San Francisco. As a young college student, I was first introduced to his music. I would play his music in heavy rotation on the way to school when the CD WalkMan was still around. So, to be able to see him live in person for the first time after being a fan for many years was a true highlight.

Shownuff Entertainment’s Elijah Alaimo hosted The WhatItDo media team and we were able to catch up with Luciano after the show. Meeting with him backstage we were able to visit with him.

TWID: You have a huge polynesian fanbase. What kind of advise would you give to young aspiring artists?

Luciano: Respect to the fans. I would say to do music because you love it and are passionate about it first. Everything else will fall into place.

TWID: You did a tribute to Michael Jackson in 2009. What was that like?

Luciano: It was an honor. MJ was a man who loved people and had a heart that wanted to help others. I wanted to show my respect to him and remake the song Heal The World. It was truly an honor.

After the interview, he mentioned how much he loved the polynesian community and hopefully one day he could travel to the islands and perform. He definitely shook up the night with fans swaying side to side and singing along to every song. Watching him live and getting to know him afterwards was incredible and the overall show was definitely WhatItDo!

Article Written By: Lupe Lavulo
Twitter: @dagem10

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