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Exclusive Interview: NBC’S THE OFFICE Executive Producer Greg Daniels

Entertainment, Exclusive 21 Aug 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
The Office

Primetime Television’s new 2012 fall season is just around the corner as the summer comes to an end. TV Shows are back on set and in full production gearing up for a fresh new season of new entertainment for television. NBC’s The Office will have their 9th season this fall. Going into their final season, The WhatItDo was able to speak with Executive Producer Greg Daniels as he shares insight on what to expect this fall. He was with the show for the first five seasons and then he has returned to produce the last and final season.

TWID: What should we expect from the show this fall?

Daniels: This will be the last season of The Office and we are planning a very big and exciting last season. We are going to have a lot of familiar faces coming back. We have a lot of funny stories. We are telling a lot of Dwight stories this year. There’s a lot of drama in the Jim and Pam story this year. It’s definitely not over for them. We have a lot of great things planned basically. In the end of this all, it should be pretty cool.

TWID: How was the show when it first started?

Daniels: When we started, it didn’t seem like there was room for a show like this on NBC. Because at the time, the biggest show on NBC was Will And Grace. I kind of feel like we forced our way into the world. The creative excitement of the cast and the different way of story-telling. The show is very healthy and valued at NBC. And its actually surprising that they are being supportive of this creative decision. I don’t know what the future lies for them. That’s a good question.

TWID: Do you think The Office will evolve into something more in this final season?

Daniels: There’s definitely going to be some differences from last season and previous seasons from this upcoming season. This year will definitely be different from previous years. For one thing I feel like the last few years we didn’t do arks so much. We pursued more episodic comedy. But I think the real heart of the show is arks. It allows the characters to have on-going stories. It will be a very ark heavy year and its all going to be set up in the premiere. But there is so much to pay off from nine seasons of so many great characters. The core cast are all going to be there this season. Mindy and BJ are coming back briefly and hopefully more later. There are so many story lines to follow and there are so many characters to write for and there’s kind of risky things that we wouldn’t normally do but now that we know we have an end date, we can blow up things and take some chances and hopefully it will be exciting for the audience.

TWID: How was your overall experience being a part of The Office?

Daniels: It has been phenomenal. One of the best experiences of my life. I love coming to work and being away from everyone where we have our on stage in our own area. It’s been fun and I’m so happy and grateful for the opportunity that I have to come back and be a part of the final season.

The season premiere of The Office will be on September 20, 2012 at 9pm on NBC. It will definitely be one of the most anticipated shows to watch on TV. It will be interesting to watch and see new things unfold and see old things transpire. All in all it will be the show to look out for next month and that’s definitely WhatItDo!

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo
*photo courtesy of Chris Haston/NBC
*video courtesy of NBC

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