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In The Music Lab With Urban Island Rapper Drew Deezy

Music 15 Aug 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Drew Deezy

This summer has been non-stop with events and new urban island music releases. After the Monterey Bay Reggae Fest, The WhatItDo media team had the wonderful opportunity to visit the 454 Music Studios. Catching up with 454 Music Executive Bigg Seff and music artist Drew Deezy was a delight because their dedication and hard working passion to produce high quality content was amazing to watch.

Observing how the 454 team worked was inspiring because they worked until the job was done. You can feel the love and passion for music and how their team conducted business was at a 1st class caliber. With the new PolyTape album release on August 24th, the 454 music team has worked really hard to collaborate with top urban island artists such as SpawnBreezie, Josh White, Fiji, and many others to name a few. It’s a mixtape that music executive Big Seff says,”It’s for the people and we are giving it to the people for free.” This mixtape will be available on August 24th for a free digital download. You can’t compete with free that’s for sure and Drew Deezy and his producers have put in the work to give back and reconnect with all polynesians and pacific islanders worldwide. This is the most anticipated urban island mixtape of 2012 and that is WhatItDo!

Please check back for daily media updates on the new PolyTape with exclusive interviews from the 454 music team.

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