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BetelnutRadio And Come Together To Build A Strong Alliance

Entertainment 06 Jul 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
BetelnutRadio and TheWhatItDo

With the high demand for quality entertainment media coverage, The WhatItDo and Betelnut have come together to build a strong alliance to expand the audience reach and to produce high quality content. Seeing the value of combined resources, the new partnership will work together to bring the latest urban island entertainment news, events, concerts, editorials, and interviews that will keep the audiences hooked.

BetelnutRadio was created with a simple premise and that is to bring local indigenous music and memories to the world. They have been able to development high quality online radio shows and stream CD quality audio music over the internet. They understand the technical aspects of radio production and recognize the demand to build a platform for urban island communities in the south pacific and the U.S.


The has grown tremendously in just 15 months to a premium media resource for urban islanders in the U.S. and has expanded world wide within a year. It plays a more noteworthy role online by promoting Pacific Island identity and highlighting the accomplishments of an entire community. The WhatItDo makes it their business to be present at festivals, events and shows to bring the entertainment to the convenience of your laptop, IPAD, or mobile device.

Working together, both media parties have one common goal and that is to penetrate a bigger and stronger audience. With the new summer venture, Kaduku Clothing has designed a T-Shirt to celebrate the new alliance.

The 14th Dali Lama said, “One family can influence another, then another, then ten, one hundred, one thousand more, and the whole of society will benefit.” BetelnutRadio and are seeking to influence the Pacific Islander family and in turn the entire human family. And that’s WhatItDo!

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