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Get To Know The Sweet Sounds of MOLIA

Music 17 May 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo

The Urban Island music scene has had a phenomenal year so far with artists coming out and showcasing their talents.They understand the dedication and hard work it takes to pursue music. But more than commitment, you’ve got natural talented young artists in the urban island music scene and singer Molia has got our attention. Only 19 years old, this young female music artist is excited to release her new solo album this summer and the WhatItDo was able to catch up with her.

TWID: Where are you from?

Molia: I’m 19 years old and I’m from San Jose, CA. I wasn’t serious about my music until I was 16 years old. That’s when my older cousin Laine she called me and she asked me if I wanted to go out to Virginia to be apart of her record label and she was going to help me out and so I had a year contract with her. It became serious since then. When I was fifteen, it was my first time in the studio, and I started writing my own music when I was 12 but I wasn’t really serious.

TWID: What was the turning point for you to get serious as a music artist?

Molia: When I was with my cousin, I got a couple of interviews with major labels like Jive and Def Jam Records. So, it encouraged me and the people that I met, I met a lot of artists, and I’ve worked with some and it kept encouraging me to keep going and keep working on it.

TWID: What inspires you? Are you more of the singer or do you like to write?

Molia: I like both. I could write about anything. Everything that I write about is true. Whatever I’m going through, my daily situations. If you really listen to my songs, I have a lot of love songs. I was like in a few relationships and I just write how I feel. I would say that writing is more of an option for me. Singing is something that I love to do and I love to make people happy and I love to touch them with my music.

TWID: What about performing?

Molia: I recently just got into performing. Because when I used to perform, I would be stuck and I wouldn’t know what to do. I want people to feel like I’m entertaining them. I mean I do need a little more work but, other than that yea. It’s something that I like to do.

TWID: What’s your ethnic background?

Molia: I’m samoan. My parents come from both American and Western Samoa. It’s really confusing because us polys we have big families. And I don’t know if I were to go all the way back, I’m not really sure. Both of my parents are from Hawaii. Both of them are from Western Samoa. My dad’s parents are from American Samoa.

TWID: What do you hope to accomplish in 2012?

Molia: I want to get my first album out. I’ve been working on my album for a year or two now. I’m actually working on getting it out during the summer time.

TWID: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Molia: Lauren Hill is as well Bob Marley too. Its what he says. Lauren Hill is the same way. She sings about her life. But what she sings about is what she goes through and that’s how I see my music and how I sing. I sing what I go through. I want to inspire people like how they inspire me. And my parents keep me motivated. They support me through everything. Especially my dad. If I want something, he makes sure that I get it. That’s how my parents are. I really appreciate what they do for me. I want to be to do that for people one day. Even though when I have kids and a family, I want to be able to do that too but for other people as well.

TWID: How can we find you online?

Molia: My music is currently on Reverbnation/Molia and YouTube/themoliab as well. You can also follow me on Twitter/_Moliaaa.

There’s no doubt that Molia is dedicated and her source of inspiration that keeps her driven comes from a solid foundation. She is one of the very few polynesian females in the music scene who has the right humble attitude with a sweet personality. Her urban island sound is about to splash the west coast this summer and that’s WhatItDo!

Article Written By: Elizabeth Lavulo
Twitter: @elavulo

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