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This Week’s Elimination on NBC’S The Voice

Entertainment 17 Apr 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
NBC The Voice

Last night, NBC’s “The Voice” went into the Quarter Finals with a shocking twist. All teams were down to their final four. Each coach would be forced to eliminate one of their team members at the end of the show even prior voting polls opening in an “Instant Elimination”. This week, teams Christina and Blake would be up first on the chopping block. The night was full of entertaining collaborations with both teams singing alongside their coaches. Team Christina opened with a riveting performance singing Christina’s “Fighter,” and Team Blake sang “Heartache Tonight” a Don Henley hit. Adam Levine and his group “Maroon 5” also performed their new single “Pay Phone” featuring Wiz Khalifa. Following these impressive performances would be imminent disappointment and enormous shock!

Christina Aguilera was up first having to choose between young Ashley De La Rosa, unique sounding Lindsey Pavao; the Opera singer, Chris Mann; and hardworking father, Jesse Campbell. Each contestant gave compelling performances but the ultimate fate for one team member would come to an astonishing end. After consistently breezing through the competition with a heartfelt story of overcoming adversity and using music to support his family, Christina cut Jesse Campbell. The other coaches were shocked and Jesse departed the stage with honor and thanked the show for the opportunity. Christina made a horrific decision based on strategy that could possibly, ‘shoot her in the foot’ in episodes to come.

Jords Unga

Blake was next at the unpleasant task of instant elimination for one of his own final four. His finalists were, the sultry power singer, Erin Willet; the soulful former backup singer, Jermaine Paul; the feisty country girl, Raelynn; and finally rocker Jordis Unga. Between the two teams, Team Blake definitely lead with power performances and so Shelton would have the most difficult of decisions of the night to make. With little to say because of the show’s time constraints, Blake said, “I will revert back to America’s choice from two weeks ago” and instantly eliminated Jordis Unga. Unga tearfully but humbly accepted her fate, where her final words were, “I’m sad, but I understand. I’m proud of what I’ve done here”. Shelton may have taken the easy way out by referencing America’s previous vote of eliminating Unga, but it does not lessen the sting of defeat and the agony of heartbreak written on Jordis Unga’s face. Another two artist’s dreams dashed on a grandiose scale. Many more fans of the fallen contenders will mourn the loss of their team favorites, Jesse Campbell and Jordis Unga. Two more competing voices silenced on NBC’s “The Voice”.

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