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The Triple Threat with LadieKillus

Music 08 Mar 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo

What do you get when you have a game tight Rapper, a smooth R&B singer, and a dope DJ? You get the Urban Hip-Hop trio the “LadieKillus!” These swagged out Los Angeles honeys are packin’ a serious combination of music, fashion, and focus to bring a new flavor to your ear! The concept of this type of group isn’t new but what LadieKillus has done is re-invented the model and have made their name, relevant to the game!

The group name, “LadieKillus” (pronounced Lady-Kill-ez), may not be what it seems and definitely isn’t literal. It’s actually an acronym for “Live and Die-Is It Enough to Kill us?” also known as they’re going to live and die for this music, but is it enough to kill them? Probably not but what might happen. Members Jonathan “Lil J” McDaniel (Rapper), brothers Rickey “Japan” Ward (Singer) & Nickey “Tokyo” Ward ( DJ), are determined to take their brand to the next level by using their respective skills and unique style. Although their name is an obvious motivation to push the music forward, it undoubtedly can be perceived as men who know how to captivate the ladies. Either way, LadieKillus are not being defined by one standard but will be a fresh sound for mainstream music.


Lil J is no rookie to the entertainment industry as his experience ranges in music and acting. Some may recognize him as Raven Simone’s love interest on Disney’s, “That’s So Raven,” and has made appearances on other TV shows. Lil J’s counterpart Japan, is also experienced in singing and has been for many years touring and performing. Leaving home at a young age and surviving the odds, he’s now able to show the “unbelievers,” he’s still pushin’ despite challenges. His twin brother, Tokyo is the cyber savvy of the crew that is also the mix mastermind behind the group. Tokyo has also self-sustained himself through his education and has brought the element of book smart to the turntables.

LadieKillus, definitely brings sexy and freshness to the table. They’ve released their latest music video “LadieKillus/Swag on a Million,” that gives us a taste of what they’re working with. “We want to produce records for the ladies. You don’t have to be a tough guy all the time, we ‘re gentlemen too.” They’re inspired by icons like Michael Jackson, 2 Pac, and Marvin Gaye and would also like to leave behind a legend of their own by contributing music that will live even beyond their careers. They’re focused on creating a sound and a persona that is not just a trend but the “new cool,” however, you should be warned, the LadieKillus is a triple threat and might make a victim of you! Now that’s WhatItDo!

Article Written by: RAEN
*photo courtesy of Who’s Harris Management

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