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NBC’s The Voice Final Blind Auditions EXCLUSIVE

Entertainment 01 Mar 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo

It was another sizzling night on NBC’s The Voice Blind Auditions!! The heat was on the Mentors as this was the final night to fill the vacant spaces on each of their teams. There was definitely pressure yet careful consideration as Mentors listened to the final contestants perform. It came down to too much talent and not enough seats! TWID got up close with some of the nights “chosen ones!” From Team Adam-Whitney Myer, Team Black-Lex Land & Adley Stump, Team Cee-Lo-Cheesa Laureta and Team Christina-Sera Hill. Check Out how these contestants share their experiences on being on the show!

TWID: Whitney, can you talk about how Adam’s style and success fits with who you are musically?

Whitney Myer: I really dig Adam Levine because I feel like he kind of straddles more than one genre, which I would like to think that I do as well. And that was part of my reason for choosing him because I feel like musically we’re a fit that way, because he has like, soulful influences, and I feel like I have similar qualities as an artist.

TWID: We heard that you performed with your dad and uncle prior to the show. How will that experience help you through the show?

Whitney Myer: The experience of performing with my dad and uncle has really been helpful in like, molding who I am and giving me the confidence to kind of do what I do. And it was the first time that I’d really stepped away from that by myself, and it was a huge growing experience for me to do that and not have them behind me, and – but I mean, they’ve shaped who I am as a musician. I’ve played with my dad since I was 14, and with my uncle since I was about 16. It’s given me the confidence to go out there and just, like, have a somewhat of a level of professionalism and give me the strength to sing in front of those megastars.

TWID: Who do you compare your sound to, Lex, because you have a really cool sultry voice?

Lex Land: This is one of my – it’s the question that I get frequently and I just am always just kind of at a loss. I listen to so much different music that I think it amalgamates and comes out as me. I definitely like take a lot of cues from Judy Garland as one of my all-time favorite singers, and Jeff Buckley is another one of my all-time favorite singers. And I also listen to a lot of jazz, you know, and mid-country jazz. So I would say if anything, I hope I mean, maybe I’m flattering myself. I hope I would sound something like any of those people.

TWID: How does it feel to represent Hawaii on The Voice?

Cheesa Laureta: Oh, it feels great. I moved here five years ago and to finally represent my hometown, it has definitely been a long time coming. I’m definitely happy about it. Go Hawaii!

TWID: How do you think you can implement that in your competition with The Voice?

Cheesa Laureta: Well, Hawaii is very supportive in terms of supporting other artists, so I love to show the aloha spirit and show our love towards everybody, just spread the love.

TWID: How was that for you to have Christina get on the stage after you already knew that you were on her team, everything had gone well and then to have her get up and sing with you?

Sera Hill: I just want to say that it was unbelievable. She’s my idol, she’s an idol and I wasn’t expecting it. I was just trying not to trip and fall and try to sing the notes right. Christina singing with me was just an added bonus and it was just so surreal and my dreams came true. It was a dream come true, absolutely.

TWID: What helped you in your decision to pick Blake?

Adley Stump: I agree it came down to Blake being, and I was fortunate to have that option in that – and actually what happened, I knew I wanted Blake from the beginning, not just because of how much I believed he could help me vocally, but also because of who he is and what he stands for. Blake doesn’t let anybody else define who he is or what he does. And that’s what I wanted to surround myself with, and whether people disagree or agree with that, he has a strong sense of quality about. And I felt like that had something to do deeper than just vocally talented.

All final additions to the teams are definitely WhatItDo! Now all teams are filled and ready to rumble in next weeks competition. Each team will have a week to work with their super-star mentor and come back and compete verse someone on their own team! Someone will be going home. It’s so intense this week because just when you think they have a chance, its back to the battle field! Stay tuned to NBC Monday nights (check your local listing) for The Voice and TWID to bring you the latest!

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Article Written By: RAEN
*article photo courtesy of Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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