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NBC’S THE VOICE Season 2 Exclusive

Music 23 Feb 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
The Voice

It’s back!! One of the most contraversial singing competitions on TV is back on NBC. ‘The Voice,’ which consists of 4 star-studded judges including: Christina Aguliera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Blake Sheldon fight for the winning voice. Aspiring singers from all over the Nation come to stage of ‘The Voice’ and try out to be on the team of one of the judges who will mentor them through out the competition yet leaving their fate up to America. The unique format of the show is that auditions are done “blindly,” where the backs of the judges are turned to the contestant and are forced to judge solely on voice. If a judge turns around, that means they “want you” on their team!

Season 2 of ‘The Voice’ is sure to sizzle TV screens and the competition is fierce! The calibur of talent is far more ambitious then last. The WhatItDo, not only has access to the all the juice of the show but also the opportunity to meet up with some of it’s promising contestants. TWID got up close and personal with 2 contestants Monique Benabou of Team Christina and Tony Vincent of Team Cee-Lo.

TWID: Monique, what do you see your experience being on The Voice going for you?

Monique Benabou: I see this experience – well, looking back at it, I was so nervous and so timid. I think it’s going to really help my confidence in performing just to kind of drown out the nerves which really, really got to me in that performance and have gotten to me in past performances. I think I’m going to gain a lot of insight on performing from my coach. I’m really excited to see the advice that she has to offer me in regard to that.

TWID: What should we expect from you performance wise? What do you feel like you need to do to continue to step your game up?

Tony Vincent: I think there are a couple of things so it doesn’t come off as just this kind of you know, what you saw last night was a very big song and a very vocally out there piece of music. Trying to cover Freight of Mercury is you know, a big step forward. I think as I move forward in this process, it’s going to be very important to show different levels of who I am as an artist. There’s got to be an intimate moment where it could be just me playing guitar and that sort of vulnerable take to be seen. There’s going to have to be levels that are shown. That’s kind of apparent I think with any artist.

If you’re an artist, you’ve got to be a creator of a certain style, but there’s got to be you know, the telling of a really great story. There’s got to be really great highs and there’s got to be some really serious lows. When I say low, I don’t mean negative. I just mean some real intimacy drawn in kind of performances. I think that you know, like I had mentioned with another journalist, that I feel really at home with Cee Lo being my coach. I think we can both establish that there will be many levels delivered by each performance.

Stay tuned in to TWID for your coverage of the hottest singing competition on TV! And make sure you tune into ‘The Voice’ weekly on Monday nights (Check your local listings) on NBC and vote for your favorite contestant because that’s WhatItDo!

Article Written By: RAEN
*Photo Courtesy of Lewis Jacobs/NBC

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