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USA Rugby Sevens Parade Of Nations goes PolySwagg

Entertainment, Sports 16 Feb 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
USA Rugby Sevens Parade Of Nations

The Parade Of Nations

The USA Rugby Sevens Parade Of Nations was held on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, NV. Crowds of rugby fans from all over the world following the international tournament packed the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the rugby teams as they walked down the red carpet to represent their nations. Each athlete walked with pride with the aura of feeling ready and confident to be in Sin City to not only play in the games but to play in America’s playground surrounded by an unlimited nightlife of fun.

Amongst the honored V.I.P. guests of the USA Sevens tournament attending the Parade of Nations were members of the Tongan Royal Family, Hon. Virginia Tuita and Hon. Salote Tuku’aho.

The PolySwagg V.I.P. Treatment

Bottle service and a reserved table is a V.I.P. luxury in high-end entertainment nightlife, even in lavish upscale Las Vegas casino bars and clubs. If you are fortunate enough to get your V.I.P. host to take good care of you once your seated at a reserved table, making changes or requests for additional perks may be a hassle that involves waiting or they don’t offer it.

PolySwagg pushed the limits to its V.I.P. treatment in urban island entertainment to include an impressive front door meet and greet service. Private escorts armed with bouquets of red roses led guests from the wide-open casino front doors to an all inclusive VIP table while a paparazzi-like photo and videographer followed with flashy lights adding a Hollywood flair of excitement. Impressed? Much! A Polyswagg all-inclusive V.I.P. table is styled in a red booth topped with red velvet cupcakes overlooking the best panoramic view of center stage and the general audience floor. It’s the – you can see everything and everyone can see you – table. Bottle service is a type of luxury, but Polyswag ditches the bottle service to offer all-inclusive unlimited full bar service. Private V.I.P. hosts stood nearby, available all-night, provided something more than extra special. You are V.I.P. treated with the up-most respect and importance. The PolySwag V.I.P. treatment is best fit for a princess and that’s WhatItDo!

Written by: Marina Latu

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