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USA Eagles Sevens Rugby Team Visits Glen Taylor Elementary School

Entertainment, Sports 07 Feb 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
USA Rugby Sevens

What: The USA Eagles sevens rugby team will visit Glen Taylor Elementary School as a part of the USA Sevens Rugby and Clark County School District’s (CCSD) Adopt-a-Country Program for a pep rally with students. Sixteen CCSD schools each adopted one of the 16 nations competing in the 2012 USA Sevens International Rugby Tournament.

Who: USA Eagles players and coaches

Glen Taylor Elementary School students and teachers

When: Tuesday, Feb. 7
2 – 3 p.m.

Where: Glen Taylor Elementary School
2655 Siena Heights Dr.
Henderson, NV 89052

The Adopt-a-Country program pairs the sixteen nations competing in the USA Sevens International Rugby Tournament with sixteen CCSD schools. Students have studied their respective nations throughout the year-long program, learning about the country’s culture, geography, people and history. The students also participated in creative and interactive contests, including critical thinking essay and T-shirt design competitions.

The pep rally will give the students of Glen Taylor Elementary School the opportunity to meet the USA Eagles and share everything they have learned throughout the program.

The other fifteen schools and rugby teams participating in the Adopt-a-Country program are as follows:

• Antonello Elementary School/Canada
• Brown Junior High School/South Africa
• Derfelt Elementary School/New Zealand
• Faiss Middle School/Wales
• H.P. Fitzgerald Elementary School/France
• Heckethorn Elementary School/Fiji
• Roy Martin Middle School/Samoa
• Monaco Middle School/Brazil
• Paradise Elementary School/Uruguay
• Ronzone Elementary School/Australia
• Lewis Rowe Elementary School/Japan
• Saville Middle School/Scotland
• C.P. Squires Elementary School/Kenya
• Walker Elementary School/Argentina
• Gibson Leadership Academy/England

*Press Release courtesy of Kirvin Doak Communications

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