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Fiji Concert Ticket Contest “Sing Off”

Entertainment 30 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo

Alright Folks… “I’m lookin at my clock and it’s about that time..” Who wants to go to the Official Party of the USA Rugby 7’s Saturday in Las Vegas??? That’s right, today’s contest winner will get 2 tickets to the Reggae Bash featuring Tre Smoov, J-Boog, Na Drua, Bonafideand celebrating 20 years in the Music Industry, Fiji!! If you want to pay $25/$35 to get in, go ahead Baller, but if you want to save some $ then you might want to get in today’s contest!


1. You must video record your favorite Fiji or J-Boog Cover song. It can only be 2 minutes max. Any longer and you will be disqualified.
2. In your video, you must state:
a. Your Name
b. Where your from, Date and Time
c. The Name of Song your singing and the Artist
d. And say… “ Check Out the for the updates and information on everything from music and entertainment to the hottest whips!”
It doesn’t matter what order you say the above, as long as you say it. Heck- you can sing it. It’s all good. If you do not mention any of the above, you will be disqualified.

** All ages are welcome to participate in the video. **

3. Upload a video and tag thewhatitdo on it. (Twitter, Facebook)
4. Post video on The WhatitDo Facebook Fanpage, tweet it to the Whatitdo,
5. Fans will vote on their favorite video.
6. Submissions must be uploaded by Tomorrow, Tuesday Jan.31st at 10pm PST.
7. Deadline for votes is Thursday, February 2nd at 10pm PST.
8. The video with the most likes….wins!! Winner will be announced Friday,February 2nd at 2PM PST.
9. All ages can participate in the video
10. ** GOOD LUCK **

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