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Rugby Sevens Party Place To Be on Saturday Feb. 11th, 2012

Events, Music 27 Jan 2012   »   by TheWhatItDo
Reggae Bash Party

If your coming to Las Vegas for the USA Rugby Sevens Tournament, you know that folks will be watching Rugby in the day and celebrating at night! On Saturday, February 11th, The official party is The 3rd Annual Reggae Bash featuring Trey Smoov, J-Boog, Na Drua, Bonafide and celebrating his 20th year in the Industry, Fiji! The show will also be promoting Fiji’s 8th Album dropping on February 14th. The WhatitDo will be in the building, representing for all of our followers to the hottest show of the night! Promoter, Roy Evans gives us a little insight to the party..

TWID: How did the USA Rugby Sevens Reggae Bash start?

Roy Evans: I was in Hawaii and I was at his brother’s house. And I was like Fiji, you know the sevens are coming into town. And this was three years ago. Let’s do something for people to do besides gambling because not everyone gambles. Everybody wants to go to a show or something. And let’s do something for the polynesian crowd that’s going to be in town. He thought it was good idea. It started back in 2010, and we’ve been doing it ever since. Not only that, but I got in contact with people that work in USA Sevens and it came from that. And now I’m associated with the USA Sevens and have their support. They just told us, they want us to be their official backing and concert every year.

TWID: What do you hope people will enjoy most about the Reggae Bash?

Roy Evans: What I hope to do is collaborate with all of these other promoters and have one big collaboration event. And make it a big event that people can look forward too. In conjunction with the USA Sevens. And not just an island show, but in conjunction with the Sevens, you know as concerts as well as bring other big artists. And we can take it to the next level.

TWID: Why is Rugby a huge part of our culture?

Roy Evans: Rugby has been a part of our culture from when even my Dad was a kid. He played rugby and its something that we are accustomed too. Of course there’s football and all these other sports but their drawn more to the rugby. So, that was my thought when I starting this concert with Fiji, is that this was going to bring all of the Polynesians to one area, is the rugby and that’s a sport we all love. And that’s why we want to keep it together with the USA Rugby Sevens which is why we are doing this.

TWID: Why should people be excited for what you have planned this year?

What people don’t know about me is that I’ve always been around show business for a long time. I’ve worked for the Polynesian Cultural Center for 9 years and travelling and going around the world. For me its about family and having fun. And having everybody getting together every year for an occasion like the USA Rugby Sevens and come together in the evening and listen to our favorite island groups and mainstream groups every year.

Well, you heard it here! The official show of the USA Rugby Sevens Tournament 2012 on Saturday, February 11th at the Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. If you want to be at the hottest show, with the best fans of rugby, listening to the biggest names in Urban Island Music- be there or be nowhere! Support the Urban Island Movement-That’s WhatitDo!

-Article Written By: RAEN

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